Monday, September 1, 2014

Chodosh Ellul is here: Bobov 45 questions the Hechsherim of Tartikov

Rosh Chodosh Elul arrived in full force, and I guess, teshuvah is for the regular zhlubs like us. The Rabbis, since they are the Tzaddikim and have Ruach Hakodesh, don't need Elul! 
Elul for the Rabbis is a time to strangle your opposition!

 Last week, Reb Mordechai Dovid Ungar, lost the psak din against his uncle Reb Benzion,  and can no longer call himself Bobov, he has to preface the Word Bobov with something else, for example, "Shmendrik Bobov" ,"Satmar Bobov" or TuchesLeker Bobov"

Obviously, he didn't take it too well, so the "sore loser" came up with a brilliant idea, "why don't we boycott all products with  the Hashgacha of the Rabbi who sat on the Bais Din that favored Reb Benzion?"
This will teach everyone that goes to a Bais Din, a lesson, not to pasken "al pi Torah' but "al pi intimidation"

So the "chachamim" of the big "talmud chochum,"  Reb Mordechai Dovid Ungar, got together in a Chelm-like meeting, and came up with the idea to plaster all of the tri-state area with posters questioning that particular  Hashagacha. 
And so that it doesn't look like they are advocating a "boycott" (Chas V'esholom) they write that "this is not a boycott, just a reminder to check the hechsher"

and so the Bobov saga continues....
Reb Shlomo Bobover, where are you?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha..
When did you stop beating your wives, zhlubbs?
Not chas vesholom that we're questions your kibbud ittesseh, but to be extra careful in Elul is important.

Derby... Still wondering why cholov yisroel milk sours after 2 days... If anybody has a 'kenakindiggeh' teretz, please post.

Non Magyar said...

Even though I have 0.00% respect for RMDU.

How could Babad be on the besdin if he gives a hechsher to Boov 48's halls?

Dusiznies said...

tO 4:56
Why not?

Flatbush Fressers Inc said...

Do you want to know a huge open secret? This guy Babad of 20th Ave (who is separate from Babad of Badatz Tartikov) is in fact a lousy hashgocho who for many years now his food is not even allowed inside Flatbush Vaad establishments. He was caught red handed one day doing something bad with unacceptable kulos even by non-heimish standards. And then he was cornered (together with his fellow shyster Rabbi Gornish) by the the KIC vaad harabbonim who monitor local hashgochos who forced those two to sign a pledge that they will stop taking restaurants thrown out by other hashgochos for kashrus violations. A lot of yeshivishe people originally thought that Babad 20th Ave was going to be a top notch standard because even though he is chassidish he learned in Brisk. So it was quite a shock & huge disappointment to learn what he was REALLY like.

All this is known by chassidishe rabbonim in Boro Park but many of them are closing an eye & still allowing their followers to eat from Babad 20th Ave.

The only scandal here is that Bobov 45 waited until now to blow the whistle on him.

Non Magyar said...

because he was biased to 48 since he was making parnoosa from them
it's called shoichad

Babadsker said...

Yudel Shain calls Yechiel Babad: "Star K mit shmoyna begudim"

Anonymous said...

He's not 20th avenue! he's on 19th avenue !

Anonymous said...

How come that there's no Machloykes between this r Babad TARTIKOV of 20th Av and the other one also bearing b"d TARTIKOV? (The same way that the 2 Bobov's fought for the name!)