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Satmarism vs Zionism Part 4 "Miracles"

Recently, Satmar published a booklet,  שמעו דבר ה׳  a transcript of Reb Yoel Teitelbaum's Shalosh Seudois Torelech given  during and immediately after the 6 day war, in 1967. The booklet is accompanied with an MP3 which is an actual  recording of the Rebbe speaking on Shabbos at Shaloish Seudois.
Notice the arrogant title of the booklet: "Listen to the Words of Hashem," as if the Satmar Shitah is the words of Hashem!

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Part 4 "Miracles"

In this transcript, on page 11 of the booklet, the Rebbe denies that there were any miracles during the 6 day war, he says, that all the "miracles" were performed by Satan (Samach Mem)! 
He cannot fathom that Hashem would perform any miracles for the Zionists, since the Zionists are the "avoda zara themselves" and they are "rashaim" and there is no way that Hashem would perform miracles for rashaim and the avoda zara ... he says throughout these  Shalosh Seudois "Toralech", that if anybody holds  that "Hashem performed miracles for the Zionists" then that person is an "apikoras".
The Rebbe throughout his life called anyone that did not agree with his "shitah" an "Apikoras" and a "Meen" 
It was his way, or the highway, he could not have a normal debate,

Before we translate the Rebbe's "holy words" that all "miracles" were done by Satan himself, take a couple of minutes and watch the video!

Page 23 of the booklet:
In this talk, the Rebbe contradicts himself. First he says that these "miracles" were all performed by  the Satan, and then in the same sentence he says that the Satan didn't perform any "miracles".
If your confused, don't worry, you're in alot of company. Through out this booklet the Rebbe talks about the Miracles performed by the Samach Mem, the Satan. Below is just a sample!

"Let's talk, and let's give a little understanding of what happened here [the miracles of the 6 day war],
I already predicted this 10 years ago, in 1957, and this prediction was printed Shevuois, that they (the religious Zionists) will point out that these were miracles! Like the Gemarrah says in Avoda Zara 55, "that whoever wishes to get tamei, gets help from above." 
Therefore the Satan performs miracles for them! 
There is special "chassodim" that there are no miracles yet, what we see now, is all "shetusim and havalim" nothing!
Anyone that knows a little, does not wonder why there are no miracles yet. Looks like as if  the Satan when he doesn't need to .... doesn't perform any miracles, This generation's spirituality is so low that he [the satan] doesn't need to perform any miracles, he only needs to do something that people will be able to lie and say that they were miracles, this alone is enough to make them blind. 
For just nothing, the Satan doesn't perform any miracles, if not there would have been big miracles already. I was counting on more miracles. 
I predicted this 10 years ago, and its not because I'm a prophet and not because I possess  Ruach Hakoidesh, but we see that all this [the miracles] comes from the Satan..."

Page 25 
In this talk, a week later, (now the whole frum world is chattering about the great miracles, since it's now a week after the war) the Rebbe, panics, and calls frum Jews (not Zionists, but any frum Jew) that says the 6 Day war,  "was a miraculous event" ..... 
"Shotim," "Tipshim" and Rashoim" ...
(don't forget, that just the previous week in the Toreleh he said that the Satan didn't find it necessary to perform miracles, here the Rebbe reverses course because of the obvious miracles all around the 6 day war, and admits that the Satan did perform "miracles,"

"Can this be understood? 
We find Shotim and Tipshim and Rashoim, the Religious Liars, that are misleading the world that say "more Miracles" and again "miracles and miracles!"  
G-d should protect us if these were miracles.
I am afraid of [these] miracles! I already said this ten years ago... 
Challilah V'chas, Challilah V'chas, If this were nebech miracles, then this is a terrible catastrophe for the Jews ...... 
these are not miracles but  dressed up naturally. Even the gentile newspapers said that this war is a natural war..
We see what kind of achzarim they (Zionists) are, they are placing the entire Jewish people in jeapordy only because of their honor and their government!
This entire war could have been avoided thru many different approaches, everyone knows that. There is no time now to discuss politics ... but those whose eyes are open, have no doubt!
Just the smear campaign, the apikorses from those who say (that it was miraculous)..
They should have said that Hashem helped them"

Now, my friends, notice, that the Rebbe cannot have a civil debate, he must call religious, frum Jews that don't agree with him:
"Tipshim, Shoitim, Rashoim and Apikorsim!

And for his remark "that even the "gentile newspapers say that this is a natural war"
Let me tell you guys a story.
I'm not going to disclose much about myself, since this blog is not about me, but in my business, I go to West Point on many occasions.  I befriended, during the course of business, a general in West Point, and we became pals. He told me that in West Point, they naturally teach techniques of war, since the students all graduate as officers. They study all past wars, except for one ..... the 6 day war.... why? Because as the General told me ..."there is nothing that students of war can learn from this war, since this was a miraculous war..." 

After witnessing the miracles of the War of Independence, R' Tzvi Pesach Frank z"l commented:
"It has been almost two years since we were privileged to see that Hashem has remembered His nation, saving us with the beginning of redemption (hischata d'gulah) and Israel's Defence Forces have conquered the majority of western Eretz Yisroel. Some retort saying that the State of Israel is the work of Satan. We, however, trust the Gemarrah (Berachos 50a) that states, "Who performs miracles? The Holy One Blessed be He"
(Kuntras Hat Tzvi  page 48).

Now the question is:
Why would Hashem perform miracles thru people who are not religious?

Because he did and does!

Hashem created and performed miracles for Ahav Hamelech, despite him being a Rasha Me'Rusha. 
See the Radak and Abrabanel on Sefer Melachim 1 (20:14) that comment that Ahav himself was surprised that Hashem would perform a miracle on his behalf, since he was an ovod Avoda Zara! 
We also see the miracle that Hashem did on Purim thru the intermarriage of Achashverosh, the Rasha, and Esther.

The Satmar Rebbe (Va'Yoel Moshe, Ma'amer 3 Shevuois ch 131-134) actually discusses Ahav, and says that Ahav was actually a Tzaddik who was overcome by his Yetzer Harah towards Avoda Zara (isn't that everyone's problem, overcoming the Yetzer Hara?). The Rebbe adds (and this is unbelievable) that other than him being an Ovad Avoda Zara, Ahav was not only a Tzaddik Gamur, but sacrificed greatly for the sake of Torah! And because of his Tzidkas, he was respected by the Neveeim and therfore had miracles performed by Hashem on his behalf.  Now, that takes care of the issue whether Hashem would perform miracles thru Rashaim, because  according to the Rebbe, Ahav was a Tzaddik!

The problem with this theory is that it flies in the face of the Mishna Sanhedrin (11:1) that states explicitly that Ahav has no portion to come. The gemarrah in Sanhedrin 102b also states that Ahav wrote on the gates of Shomron that he is a "kofer" of the G-D of Israel. 
All, and I mean all meforshim state that he was a Rasha. The Rambam (hilchos rotzeiach 4:9) states that Ahav was not only an ovad ovada zara, but a murderer. 

 Rav Menachem Kasher z"l (Ha'tekufah Ha'gedoilah ch 2 pp 34-39) quotes passages directly from VaYoel Moshe and offers a point-by point refutation. 
So we see here just One example of how Hashem performs miracles thru Reshaim! So even if you were to say that the Zionists are Rashoim, how can you say that these are not miracles?


Anonymous said...

I dont believe this whole sefer. I know you don't believe that this sefer really represents what the rebbe said but never miss an opportunity to bash satmar is your motto. This is sheker because I will show you at least 6 places in divrei yoel, or al hageulah vaal hatemurah where the rebbe says that there were NO miracles. He says even if there were that would not be a raaya because the satan can do miracles but he just said there we NO MIRACLES.
ALso, I'm not saying the 6 day ware was a nes from the satan but to say that there are no such examples of nissin from the satan in jewish history is not true. there are 100's of examples all over chazal.

Dusiznies said...

To 1:41
This booklet is a transcript of a live recording of the Rebbe. The booklet comes with a disc..
so u actually hear the Rebbe talking.
You could buy it yourself, its sold all over... and you could hear the Rebbe say everything I wrote with your own ears, you don't have to believe one word I said...

Dusiznies said...

Just a little info to you. The Rebbe never wrote the sefer "Al Ha"geulah V'al Hatmurah" it was written by Friedman, the Rebbe just looked it over and wanted it printed!

Anonymous said...

How was this recorded on Shabbos?

Dusiznies said...

Great question.
My theory, and I'm being "dan L'kaf Zechus" is that the Shalosh Seudois would go very late into Motzei Shabbos, these recordings were recorded by a guy who had already made havdala, I'm guessing!

Anonymous said...

Come on derby, its time fir you to give up, come clean, you havent convinced ONE ehrlicher yud one iota, just the opposite, with every post, you are showing more clearly what you really are, & that is, an apikorus who puts the Berlin maskilim to shame, for you have already gone way beyond them, hear ye hear ye, with evey post, with every ,comment, you are destroying your chances of being taken seriously, ever ever. By the way, there used to be a few 'smart & cute' litvish guys who used to add comments, we really miss them, they being a breath of fresh & articulate commentary in an otherwise stale & putrid environment. (is it possible they realized, & came to the conclusion we're all coming to, ALL T'AAN K'SIl K'EUVALTO?).

Anonymous said...

Oh, hi Mrs. Kol Toov, fancy meeting you here. How are you?
Eh, my shieh pee'enick thinks he can fool me. Sneaks out of the bedroom at 3:41 am and gets on the computer.
" Oh, could you ask him a halachik shayleh.. My bnei bayis suddenly went gaga over iced bawsht. Please ask him if it's chamar medinah so I can make Kiddush over it lechatchilah and l
" What else?"
"Nothing. Can't figure out why said shieh pee'enick always rants against a certain holy tzaddik, I forgot his name, an early Zionist... curses him in vilest tones .. but goes berserk when his trophy rabbis who say and write wild, bizarre things don't bother him."

" Mrs. Kol Toov, maybe in his heart of hearts he hates Eretz Yisroel.. Lots of frummies are like that."
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On how to feed hungry people kehalacha..You know, there are ISIS, minim, so on.Has a tzettel with restrictions... BTW Derby... Did Avraham Aveinu do the same? Did Rivkeh ask Eliezer for anti- min or kofer credentials before she gulped his camels? Anyway...
He also has interesting stories about his favorite rabbis gave tzeddakah and fed some kofer or another and how everybody knows this story, and how well known it is , and what a wonderful man this rebbe was to feed a hungry man."
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Derby... iced bawsht... maybe it ain't so bad after all.

Anonymous said...

Classic derby, a mixture of half truths whole lies, sarcastic venumous hate filled selfish self serving vile sentences, crowned by aam haaratzos.

Anonymous said...


Mark Twain:
Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.

Name Calling: Larry Wall

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2. The person has a juvenile mentality and is incapable of carrying on a legitimate and viable discussion and is unwilling to understand, much less, accept any view but his own.

. I've always believed that people use name-calling as an argument when they cannot support their point of view ... Everyday Miracles

Hypocrite..... For example.. When one attacks a larger-than-life righteous rabbi and doesn't allow criticism of lesser ones, including charlatans, then name calls, ad hominem. Doesn't observe his Daas Torah of Internet ban..
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Kosher Chazer fissel.. See parshas Devorim.

Excerpted examples:

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the Derby...
Any name this 3:41 AM calls me, doesn't bothers me.. EXCEPT.. not being forthcoming and hiding an agenda...
I am as transparent and open as clear water.... It's simple really.... Down with fanatics, charlatans, control freaks with institutions and millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and hijackers..!! Up with the new Manhigim and TRUE TORAH hashkofos..
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Already Tuesday? My, where did the week go?

Anonymous said...

CAUTION to the Dear Readers:

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Don't do what I did... reading his excerpted quotes as is...
Please hold your nose tight and pop 10 Alka-Seltzers first.

Anonymous said...

He forgot to sign 11;43 because he needed to lie down on the sofa..
Chemyele for the Derby

Anonymous said...

Ok.. time to get on with other things, feeling better , but can't resist this:

The astute reader long ago has observed that 3:41 AM has consistently and forever ignored my references to issur on Internet by his Daas Torah, hence, why does he rebel and is here?..

Betabeat :

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Take a Hard Line on the Internet at Rally of 40,000 Men

Rabbis feel the Internet should only be used when necessary to earn a living, and always with a filter to censor out the dirty bits.

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Anonymous said...

I (we) really feel sorry for you derby (dirty), if you are so narrow minded to think that by cracking corny jokes, literary name dropping, etc. that makes you feel good? Well ill tell you a BIG secret, nobody is impressed, the only one who is being fooled is DERBY!!!!!!,

Anonymous said...

And I respectfully disagree with the last comment, even though he hit the nail on the head regarding DERBY, however he is missing the main point, DERBY is not just a fool, and a one track minded fool at that, all that is besides the point, he is mevazeh talmid cacham, and what a talmid chacham, a gean yisrael ukdosho, raban shel kol benei hagolah, kodesh hakadashim, meanwhile wrapping himself with the flag of kook shem reshaim yirkav, machty es horabin, in a way that you have to go back till yeravam Ben nevat and his ilk.

Anonymous said...

And Ill add my two cents, I have this gut feeling, that derby is nothing nut an attention seeker, a mindset of a child under ten years of age, all comments whether pro or con, just play to his paranoia obsession etc.

Anonymous said...

I want to mention that he likley also suffers from a)bipolarism, b)ocd, c)adhd, in plain Yiddish MESHUGA. niw derby for once listen, go see a licensed therapist, and seek professional help, you need emotional therapy, most probably also nerven pilln, a refuah sheleima.

Anonymous said...

Repeating earlier post :

"The astute reader long ago has observed that 3:41 AM has consistently and forever ignored my references to issur on Internet by his Daas Torah, hence, why does he rebel and is here?.."

Dr. Otto farBrecher ( name dropping), eminent psychiatrist on multiple personalities:
The subject who talks to himself will most times agree with himself. Like he'll say..

" WoW..!! Great post.. Kol Hakavod.. etc.."
Other times to give the false appearance that he's really another personality will gush:
" And I respectfully disagree with the last comment.."
" however he is missing the main point,"

Or simply..
"And Ill add my two cents.."
On Tuesdays, he loves to air his personal dirty laundry , starting with:
"Well ill tell you a BIG secret, nobody is impressed.."
Then polishes off with a dose of wisdom:
" the only one who is being fooled is DERBY!!!!!!,"
He's also highly intuitive:

" I have this gut feeling.."

And has compassion:

" I (we) really feel sorry for you derby (dirty), .."
Notice he has included you also ( we) .

Can get fancy with his prose too
" just play to his paranoia obsession etc."

Thanks, Dr. farBrecher, you're a wave of fresh air among just plain, no -frills, no-name droppings.

the Derby..
Little factoid on his bubble gum wrapper asks:
Why is 3:24 AM important to some computer zhlubbs?



Anonymous said...

Enough of the baby insults for the year..
Shana Tova from the whole gang to everybody and anybody..Kol Hamoichel, mochol loh ( if it doesn't say that anywhere, it should)

L'chol Hapoochis
the Koolitzers
Tante Jenny & his kapelye
and our very own, the slightly eccentric but most beloved, Mrs. Kol Toov.

Anonymous said...

Let him reflect on his own miracle which would never have happened if Hashem had not enlisted the Kofrim, the Zionists, to save him from his inferno.

Give me a break. All these people who think they can penetrate Hester Panim should seek medical advice and take tablets for delusions of grandeur.