Sunday, September 7, 2014

Two police-controlled phone calls calls between alleged victim and Bodenheimer will prove Bodenheimer innocent.

There are no other victims, according to a DA insider, and the 2 phone calls between the alleged victim and Rabbi Bodenheimer will probably prove that he never touched the child, says Kenneth Gribetz, attorney for the defense.

Rabbi Gavriel Bodenheimer, 71, principal of Yeshiva Bais Mikroh, has rejected a plea agreement with state prison time and will fight the sexual abuse charges at trial.

In two recorded conversations concerning sexual acts, Bodenheimer told the boy that he didn't know what the boy was talking about "and he should go to the police if he has concerns," Gribetz said.

"We will be using the recordings at trial," Gribetz said. 

"There will be no plea to any charges."

Gribetz said the rabbi has never been accused of sexual abuse before. He said the defense strategy with co-counsel Deborah Wolikow-Loewenberg will include asking the judge to allow the jurors to visit the school. He said the offices are open and the spaces inside are visible through windows.

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Kermit said...

If Bodenheimer is innocent it would be in spite of whatever that lowlife Gribetz says.

Follies doesn't tell you here about the dirt in Gribetz's sordid past either.