Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ami's Shenanigans

The war in Gaza is basically over, so the "Chief Clown" of Ami Magazine, Yitz Frankfurter,  is back to his old tricks.
In an editorial in this week's issue, titled "Piercing Indifference" he bashes the secular Israelis for not publicizing  the fact that the Lakewood student, Aaron Sofer z"l, was missing.

He quotes an article written by Allison Kaplan- Sommer, that was published in the self hating Israeli  far left leaning newspaper, Haaretz.

"But in Israel, the only outlets that have been covering Sofer's disappearance and the search for him are religious publications and English-language media. As a result, the major international news outlets based in Israel haven't focused on the story either. The key question is whether this is merely a media failing or a lack of attention that reflects and could result in, a less than vigorous effort on the part of Israeli authorities to uncover what has happened to him."

Then in a swipe at Mishpacha magazine (his former employer that gave him and his family Parnassah, for years),  that hyped a recent poll, that basically proved that the majority of secular Israelis don't dislike their Chareidi counterparts,
 he wrote mockingly:

"Last Pesach, some in the Orthodox community announced with great fanfare the results of a poll that showed that a majority of secular Israelis don't "hate" their chareidie counterparts ....
"The majority of secular Israelis, however, also seem to be apathetic toward our anguish. That not only hurts, but as I have previously pointed out, may prove the truism about indifference: that it is an even worse disposition towards another human being than loathing. And that stings."

First of all, Mr. Frankfurter, didn't Reb Chaim Kanievski say when Aaron Sofer was missing,  that he "is alive and well?"
So why should the secular press report a Yeshiva boy missing, when he was "alive and well?"

Second of all, are you saying that the "majority of secular Israelis are apathetic toward our anguish?" 
Did I read that right?
What a blatant bald face lie!
The Mishtara when notified 6 hours after Aaron went missing, starting searching immediately, this was on shabbos!

And how many "chilonim" searched in Chevron for the 3 kidnapped yeshiva boys?
Yes, the police didn't get onto it right away, because they thought it was a prank call, but not because they were yeshiva boys or because they were Dati.

And why shouldn't the Chilonim "loath" the Yeshivah Boys. 
Didn't the Yeshiva boys run from Ashdod and Ashkelon at the start of the Gaza War, even though they were told by their Roshei Yeshivah that Torah is "matzel,"  while the modern Hesder Zionist boys, stayed  in Ashdod to help the residents in Ashdod cope?

And now to the most important point!
The whole wide world now knows, how Aaron Sofer died.
In his black jacket dehydrated!
Don't you think that you should have focused your entire editorial on the sheer madness of going on a hike with no phone, hat and jacket and no water bottle?


A few points said...

You are wrong to attack the yeshivos who fled the southern cities. I looked into it & it turns out that their buildings were constructed a long time ago when there were no shelters and they did not have shelters added later. This fact was even non-chalantly reported by secular media.

I do agree with you overall about this sad publication Ami. I am trying to figure out exactly what their problem is. Maybe they are doing a type of twisted sensationalism because they think that is the best way to increase copy sales?

That Sofer kid a"h is nebich from a family of multiple alleged molesters who allegedly even molest their own family members. People were wondering if the kid was also a victim & was at his wits' end. His ex-uncle gave a half hour interview about this which is embedded on Nuchem Rosenberg's blog.

Anonymous said...

Yitzchok frankfurter is a satmar/brisker/pseudo intellectual, he thrives on controversy, and if in order to sell his rag he needs a controversial story he will invent one.
Yitzchok Frankfurter please stop looking for heretics under every stone.... try to spread torah values with love not hate.

The Netziv (Ha’amek Davar, introduction to Sefer Bereishit) blames the destruction of the temple on excessive “righteousness,” that is, “righteous” individuals who treated others who did not exactly conform to their beliefs as heretics (apikorsim)
Frankfurter look up the netziv, it's there for real.

Anonymous said...

The only way to put this Jew hating rotten stinikin Frankfurter out of business,is to start a massive boycott campaign against the advertisers who support this antisemitic jew hating rag

Fred said...

Frankfurter and all of his Yeshivish landsmen always revert to playing the victim. That's their tactic. As long as they can portray themselves as the target of hatred and predjudice by Goyim,Secular Jews, Chilonim, the Pope, Elvis, whoever, they have a trump card that can always be used to play up their plight in the media. It reminds me of the time several years ago when I lost my job due to corporate downsizing. A frum member of my community asked me if I could "make a claim" that getting fired was due to anti-Semitism, regardless of the fact that this event had absolutely nothing to do with it.

It's the same approach for the "Frankster"- his piece of shit publication can run stories and editorials that are so outrageous and moronic that a chimpanzee would be insulted could he read the articles Ami publishes (Speaking of chimps, the Frankster's "in depth report" on the Lev Tahor retards who disgrace Yiddishkeit with every breath they take was a moronic masterpiece of his sick worldview). Hey Yitzhak- how about a follow-up to the article on Webernman and his attorney? Remember the "Quest for Justice' for the sick pervert who molested a girl for years on end? Guess what? The attorney lost the case and Weberman was found guilty! Where's the retraction, you putz? Oh wait, I just remembered...Weberman was a victim of anti-Semitism !! Now it all makes sense ! How ELSE could a jury convict a guy so guilty that his his mere presence in the courtroom embarrased an entire community.