Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hershi Pfeiffer stabbed in neck by his employee

30 year old Hirshi Pfeiffer an Orthodox man from Bayswater Queens was stabbed in the neck this afternoon in Brooklyn Heights in what police are calling a dispute over money.
The victim, Hershi Pfeiffer, an NYPD clergy liaison, was sitting in traffic in his white Dodge Ram pickup truck on Montague Street when the attacker, a male in his twenties, came up to the driver’s side window and stabbed him in the neck.  According to reports the stabber was employed by Pfeiffer.
Eyewitness Avi Navon told The Brooklyn Eagle  that the attacker was 5’10 with black hair and that he argued with Pfeiffer before the stabbing occurred.
The attacker fled the scene, plowing through the lunchtime crowd, knocking one bystander to the ground. Navon called on those nearby to catch the attacker.
Gowanus resident Joseph Washington managed to tackle the attacker as ran towards Court Street.
“I see him running up the block right here on Montague Street,” said Washington.  “I chased him in front of the bank. I put his hands behind his back and…I took the knife out of his pocket and put it in my back pocket.”
Navon told The Brooklyn Eagle that the attacker confessed to the stabbing, saying he had been working for two weeks for Pfeiffer and hadn’t been paid.
Police could not confirm how many times the victim had been stabbed.
The suspect was apprehended by the NYPD in front of 181 Montague Street and remains in police custody.  The knife used in the attack was recovered by the NYPD.
Pfeiffer was transported to Lutheran Medical Center where he underwent surgery.  
The public is asked to daven for Yaakov Tzvi ben Chana.

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