Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rabby Belsky, Kolko Supporter, now Defending Rabbi Dovid Weinberger of 5 Towns

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, a staunch supporter of both Kolkos', (both Kolkos' are admitted sexual abusers) is now defending an alleged Sexual Pervert, Rabbi Dovid Weinberger of Shaaray Tefillah, Lawrence, New York. 

The Rabbonim of 5 towns thought that they got rid of him, and wanted to keep the stories and rumors of his alleged philandering quiet, to stop the Chillul Hashem, but like Mordechai Tendler, these abusers hang on with their fingernails, and won't go quietly away! 

R' Dovid, on the other hand, insists on making a Chillul Hashem, so R' Dovid decided to take out the big "guns" so to speak, so he can get a job.

 Which rabbit does he pull out of his hat? 
Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, There isn't a sexual abuser in the whole world that he won't defend, be it abusers of children or in this case adults. 

Rabbi Belsky, you are doing a great job giving Hashgachas on Donuts, this Weinberger Parsha is way over your head! 

Here is the letter that the "Sexual Abuser Lover" writes to the unfortunate patsy Rabbis of the 5 Towns.
And then read our summary of that dispicable letter! 
For a more comprehensive  analysis of this tragedy read, FrumFollies!

To my friend the Honorable Rav………..

My heart pounded when I read your letter with the 
  awful news about  rumors circulating amongst the Jewish neighborhoods, rumors  spread no less by my beloved friends and by my friends who love me very much.
But what should I do, Rav Dovid Weinberger is also counted among my friends and advisors!
I saw they had already decided and concluded his guilt without giving him the opportunity to defend himself. What are we to do with the laws of the Torah that state that it is forbidden to listen to an accuser without  the defendant  being present.
They threw him to the wolves like a rotting carcass without hearing his side. They placed his case in front of men and women disguised as expert doctors, without listening to his defenders, some of whom are experts in this field.
They made him into a sinner and isolated him from the tribes of Israel , they made him into a pariah, all without harking to his shouts as if all gates of mercy were shut.
Even when one is a blasphemer, the Torah states that one must  investigate,. How much more so, Reb Dovid,  someone who has served his community selflessly for over 30 years and many benefited from him.


Anonymous said...

why dosent rdw thretend any one that's against him that he gona take them to court like he would do in the past

Anonymous said...

This is disguting reporting, whoever wrote this post is greatly warping Rav Belskys stand. Rav Belsky does not say that the guy is innocent- he feels that the defendants side should be heard and especially in this case in which the defendant is a well known community guy.It is unfair to judge someone without hearing their side

Joseph said...

R. Belsky stepped in without so much as picking up the phone to inquire how much due process Weinberger got. In fact, the matter was handled very well by the Rabbanim and Gedolim involved, and Weinberger foolishly squandered the numerous opportunities he was given to step down quietly before the matter became public.

Dusiznies said...

To Joseph
Mr anon 9:16
Was is "disgusting reporting" when I reported that Belsky supports both Kokos?
When did Belsky ever support any of the victims?
let Belsky continue supervising the kashrut of sardines. And stay out of the business of supporting perverts!

Anonymous said...

(I am the above anon)
Stop dodging my point which is that you have taken the words in the letter and interpreted them to say that he declares the Rabbi to be innocent. I think you like "reading between the lines" when it suits your agenda.

I obviously am not referring to every point of your article(although I might disagree) - I am pointing out your embellished reading of a letter inorder to make your article more exciting.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 3:15
This was not a Din Torah, the Rabbis sat him down showed him the evidence, he did not argue...he agreed to leave!
he then decided to have the "math teacher" Belsky intervene? Did Belsky ask to speak to the women???
No he did not!