Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Belzer Rebbe's Shalosh Seudois Toireleh "We don't need the State"

The Belzer Rebbe's brother-in-law, Reb Aron Teitelbaum the Monroe Satmar Rebbi, visited Israel two weeks ago and must have slipped a "date drug" in his drink.
The Belzer was always pro-State as was his predecessor, so it's strange that he should become a rabid hater of the State!

Last week he went berserk in between bites of pickled herring at Shaloish Seudois and ranted and raved against the State:

“Even among the five million Jews in Israel there is a minority of 500,000 true Torah-keepers who keep and protect the mitzvas (divine commandments). They are the essence of Israel. G-d chose the Jewish people because you are the smallest of all nations. So the observant minority of those learning Torah are G-d’s army.

“We don’t need the state or the government. We need study halls and yeshivas to continue serving G-d and to educate the children in the way of service of G-d and in the responsibility of a life of Torah and acceptance of the mitzvas and in anxiously awaiting the redemption by moshiach [the messiah]!

“May it be His will that in the merit of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk, whose yahrzeit [anniversary of the death] is today, that the Jewish people and Torah study should be protected from all enemies that persecute Jews and the Torah. They [these enemies] should not succeed in their efforts to disrupt Torah study and observance of Torah until Moshiach comes, and may we merit the arrival of Moshiach speedily in our days!” 

What about water, you need water? Planning to get it from R' Nuchemka from Meah Shearim?

How about electricity? Who is going to provide power for your summer home in Telz-Stone? R' Shayehele from Afulah?

What about your garbage from Shalosh Seudois, whose going to take that away?

How about your Medical care? Whose going to take care of you? It's not like you are paying into the system...
Stop listening to your crazed brother-in-law who lives in luxury in America!

We know YOU don't need the State, you are one of the richest people in the State of Israel....(Belzer Rebbe is worth over 50 Million Dollars.. see Dusiznies)
but how about the shemegegies that follow you around who have no food on the table... what about them?
I think they still need the Government!


Anonymous said...

So, eh..
Ask your great unle or was it your grandfather who after advising his Chassidim in Belz to stay put in WWII, sneaked himself out via Hungary to settle in Israel Nu? Hakoras Hatov? NU,

SquareBehind (@twitter) said...

You didn't get the point. He didn't say that we are anarchists.

What do you mean? Places where there is no 'Jewish sovereignty' the Yidden don't have Electricity??