Thursday, March 6, 2014

Aguda removes the words "Torah protects Eretz Yisroel" from Sunday announcement to please Satmar!

The Aguda announcement had the words
התורה מגינה ומצילה את ארץ ישראל
(The Torah Shields & Protects Eretz Yisroel)

But had to remove those words after a delegation of Agudah officials met with R' Aaron Teitelbaum, Monroe Satmar Rebbe, to invite him to the "Water Street" Yom Tefilah.

 R' Aaron said that those words are against the Satmar Shitah, since the "Torah doesn't protect the State of Israel!"

This is the new Announcement without those words!

Meanwhile, R' Aaron still didn't sign and hasn't as of this writing agreed to go! He is waiting to see what his brother, R' Zalman Leib is going to do!

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