Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Neturei Karta Bastards Spit on counter protesters in Monsey

The Head Rabbi of the Neturei Karta savages, the Mamzer Beck, hates when he gets protested. 
Yesterday, on Purim, he got some of his own medicine! 
He was burning the flag of Israel, as is his custom every year, on Maple Avenue corner Route 306, in Monsey  when a group of Tzaddikim headed by Dov and Rochel Freundlich, defenders of this huge Chilul Hashem, came out to protest this atrocity against the Jewish people.
See the old bastard spitting on them.
Video by Gila Kind.


Anonymous said...

Hey Beck, you forgot to spit on your mother.

Anonymous said...

Choler'ye- Shpei oif dein mamma, du ferd.