Friday, March 28, 2014

Yated Chinuch Roundtable Question: "Should my son call me Daddy or Totty?"

The entire world is going to pot in a hand-basket; a Jewish man is brutally beaten in France, the Russians have amassed 100,000 troops waiting to invade the Ukraine, Iran keeps providing Hizballa with missiles to attack Israel, 
and this week's Yated dedicates  2 pages to the question whether a son should call his father daddy or totty! Im not kidding!

No less than 
Rabbi Nosson Scherman, General Editor of Artscroll, Rabbi Yisroel Hisiger, Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky the Rosh Yershiva of Yeshiva Toras Chaim, Rabbi Yechiel Spero, Raabi Shneur Aisenstark the Dean of Beth Jacob Seminary Montreal, Rabbi Dovid Engel the Menahel of the Toronto Cheder, Rabbi Yaakov Bender the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Rabbi Avraohom Neuberger the Rosh Mesivta of Yeshiva Gedola Ohr Reuven, and Rabbi Fink, Menahel of Ateres Bais Yaakov 
answer this asinine idiotic question.

The only one who refused to answer was Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein from Torah Umesorah!

The Yated is the Bible of the Yeshivishe world , and they read this rag every week, a newspaper  spewing hate against the State of Israel (read my next post about Avraham Birnbaum of the Yated), and inciting the clueless readers against the IDF!

So today I am singling out a smidgen of what they consider a "serious" discussion between "distinguished  panelists" discussing a bunch of narishkeitin!


Anonymous said...

The bottom line behind this schizophriniacal question, I guess,is whether the diaper-pooper should use a Yiddish or goyishe name for pappa.

To wit:

MOISHE = Egyptian name. Though he had other , real Jewish names.

ESTHER= Babylonian ISHTAR = Lady avodah zorah name for a certain star. Hence, our English word, STAR. ( See mesechte Megillah)

MORDECHAI= Babylonian MARDUK ( Merodach)= their avodah zoro name.

FEIVISH= PHOEBUS, Greek or Latin name.

ALTE= German for old.

ALTER= ditto.

TZARTEL = German for tender, morphed into the Yiddish tzartel.

FISHEL= Fisch, German for fish.

FERDY (aka Freddy)= My former nasty boss. From the German PFERD=Horse.

While we're at it, let's deal with our family names. Goyishe, mostly German non-Jewish names such as , Goldstein, Rosenbloom, Rothstein, Klein, Krauss, Gross, Strauss, Weinberg, and Hebraicize them to Halevi, Hacohen, Yisraeli et al.

Practicising what I'm preaching, I'm preparing upon Aliyah BE"H to choose either Ben-Gurion,Ben-Sarah,Ben-Tzion, Tzioni,Ben -Yehuda,Ben-Zev.

My daddy would've been proud of me.
This is a glaring example of why you're turning off so many of us.
You should be ashamed of yourselves, spending time with this hefkeirus- narishkeit.
Reading books, enjoying arts of any genre and discipline enjoying a ball game once in awhile, listening to radio or tv ( where believe it or not you can learn something of value, appreciate G-D's world, appreciate HIS creation) preparing for a career,is highly problematic for you due to bittel Torah issues. But tying up the platchiker oylem's time to micro-minutiae a name for pappa is not.

Listen.... My MOMMY and DADDY didn't raise a fool.

Your game is up. Resign your positions, take the F train to a sweat shop and go punch a friggin' clock like the rest of us.You're an embarrassment-the whole lot of you.


When you all come to consensus about what to call him, the rather newly rediscovered , now trendy phrase DAS TORAH will be used by the shuckling, hynotized robots to shut down any and all debate.

Anonymous said...

R' Shmuel Yaakov Klein might be the only one of that bunch with a secular education, he at least has a Masters if not a Doctorate. He grew up leaning modern, not sure if his father wore a hat on Shabbos or not, and later became a Gerrer chossid on his own.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Bender, I'm surprised at you. Say it ain't so, Rabbi.

Rabbi Scherman---Please stick to Artscroll, a wonderful translator of Chumash and Talmud, but a highly questionable publisher of Jewish history. Spend more time investigating your office about the Photo-Shopped photos, omissions of details, exaggeration of others and altogether rather fanciful biographies that your company produces. Why are you lending your prestige to this nonsense? Have some time on your hands? Play a game of checkers with my nephew Henry who's always bothering me with his earmuffs and runny nose as soon as the temps fall below 65 Farenheit, or ping-pong with Tante Magda and we'll consider it chessed..Pickle a tomato or onion'l. Learn how to paint or better yet, take lessons on the tin whistle, kazoo or bagpipe, with or without the Scottish kilt.
C'mon Rabbi S., you can't be serious.

Anonymous said...

All newspaper from the New York Times to Der Yid have columns about things other than news. Chill out. You will find anything to bash chareidim on even though every newspaper even non-chareidishe news paper do this. The Yated does sometimes spread Sinas chinam but you spread a lot more.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad critising robonim but this is insane, maybe it'z some joke? maybe a Purim joke because I can't beleive this is true

Anonymous said...

Also Arabic names, such as Eleazar into Mansour, Gershom into Ghareeb, Mazliach into Maimun .... Rambam's father as an example ,, Sameah into Said or Saadye, and Tovia into Hassan, or Hassoun.