Tuesday, March 11, 2014

R' Chaim Kanievsky and the Seret Viznitzer Rebbe Served in the IDF and they Still Turned Out to be Holy Jews!

from a Matzav Article printed in August 2009

Rav Shmuel Grossbard zt”l, father of one of the mashgichim in Ponevezh Yeshiva, passed away this past week. His children were surprised when Rav Chaim Kanievsky came in to be menachem avel, and were even more surprised with what he told them shortly after he arrived.
“You have no idea why I troubled myself to come console you?” Rav Kanievsky asked. “I have hakoras hatov for your father who was my commander in the army and helped me a lot.”
Those present were surprised by what he said that he had served in the army. One of those present had the courage to ask, “The rov was in the army? We never heard this before about our father, and about the rov even more so!”
Rav Kanievsky smiled and related to them, “It was during the War of Independence. I was then learning in the Yeshiva of Lomza in Petach Tikvah. The war started and everyone was drafted to the army - with no exceptions. Of course, we knew nothing, until one day a large vehicle pulled up outside the yeshiva and they said that everybody has to get in to go protect the country.
“Because none of us knew how to hold a gun,they gave us sticks and stones and put us out to guard a large hill. I remember everyone was very scared and Rav Berel Povarsky hid in a bathroom and got out of it. But Rav Moshe Soloveitchik and I, we went, and he was sitting beside me the whole time saying Tehillim while crying.
“Your father, z”l, was appointed as commander, because he was the oldest in the group. Because he was commander, he got the largest stick. When we got there, I asked him what we should do. He told me, ‘You should go up the hill and sit and learn where they can’t see you, but take a stick and two stones, so that if the Arabs come, you can scare them away.’ We sat there for a long time, and after we left the place, we were told the Arabs had shot to that same place.”
When he finished relating this story, Rav Chaim said, “Out of gratitude for then, I have come to console you.”

Here is the Hebrew report about the Seret Viznitzer Rebbe and his father serving in the IDF!

מאמץ גדול משקיעים החסידים המבקשים למנוע פרסום רשימה על שירותו  של האדמו"ר מסרט וויזניץ במלחמה לשחרור חיפה, כותב הרשימה מספר כי הרבי שירת יחד עם אביו, ואף משבח אותו מציין כי היה מן הטובים והמצויינים במלחמה

אין ברשימה מילה אחת חלילה של לשון הרע על הרבי, ובכל זאת יש מן החסידים הרואים בפרסום הרשימה פגיעה, מפני שבימינו 'עס פאסט נישט' שהרבי שירת בצבא, לכן הם פנו לכל מי מבין הגדולים ברחוב הדתי לאומי שישפיעו על אותו מחבר ובעיקר על המערכת של השבועון 'מצב הרוח' שיוציאו את הרשימה, אבל הם לא הסיכמו בטענה כי הם לא רואים שום פגיעה, ההיפך מבחינתם זה כבוד גדול לרבי

הרשימה עוסקת על הלחימה לשחרור חיפה ועל חלקו של הרבי מסרט וויזניץ באותה מלחמה

מביאים אנו לכם כאן את הרשימה כמות שהיא ושיפטו אתם אם יש בכך חלילה פגיעה ברבי. כן, על פי שיטת נטורי קרתא זה אולי לא מתאים, אבל מי שילמד את הזמנים ההם, לעשות מה שהרבי מסרט עשה היה מקובל ואנו לא רואים בכך כל פגיעה חלילה בו או במעמדו


yitz said...

You just shot yourself in the foot so badly. You have shown that you have absolutely no idea what the true issue is. Instead you chose to be a sheeple who makes the IDF into a sacred cow.
When Rav Chaim served in the army it was during the war, then it was a REAL army protecting citizens not evacuating settlements and mollycoddling arabs.
He was not in a barracks with a secular soldier who brought in his girlfriend to get laid on a shabbos afternoon and had porn pictures on teh wall over his bed. Rav Chaim was not fed food of questionable kashrus nor was he exposed to provocative women instructors whose goal in life was to corrupt a chareidi. Nor was Rav Chaim threatened to be put in jail!
This whole issue is propaganda invented by the chief propagandist Yair Lapid a man who cut himself shaving when they told him he was promoted to second grade. His only skill in life is to see if he can be better at Jew hatred than Joseph Goebbels. Lapid did not even serve as a soldier, he wrote for a magazine. This is like saying that a person went to college because he took courses in basket weaving advanced theory of the chalil and Swahili.
Yes Rav Chaim and The Sereter Rebbe served as did many other Chareidim unlike your icons Shimon Peres who NEVER served, Bar Refaeli the draft dodger, Yaakov Peri the flute player, and half of the MKs from Yesh Atid who never served.

Dusiznies said...

To Yitz
What the Hell are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

HaRav Amnon Yitzchak also served 3 full years in I.D.F.'s army.