Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What would happen if the Charedim joined the IDF?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, bittul Torah, and the terrorist would leave!!!
This is like the story where the maskilim made a play about the yidden going to war in the time of the Bais Hamikdash. the Kohen Gadol would call out 'who has any aveira; even a small one like talking between tefillin shel yad and shel rosh (and not making the bracha over, as necessary in such a case), he must go back home. So who would be left? Only a few gedolim; the Brisker Rav etc. They came to tell him the story - of this play that was made amongst the frei people. He said, 'they didn't finish the play. They were supposed to say that yes, in fact those few gedolim who went out to war, won 'biderech nes'. When they won the 6-day war practically miraculously, they said to general Moshe dayan, won't you at least say Shema Yisrael' now? he answered 'koach Hatzhal' - iot was the army's might. So, says R' Amnon Yitzhak SHLIT"A, 6 years later, by the Y"K war, they had a miserable failure.
Have a good day.
p.s. This site should be called 'dizziness'. you seem to be dizzy. The truth is, if you would ask the question respectfully, you could have some good conversation going here. But why say things in a sly way? Why not make it a Torah site that comes to learn 'the sugya' - the matter in-depth.
p.s. The name of the site that you seem to be mimicking is ossur Al Pi psak all the rabbanim - because of the lashon hara and chillul Hashem that is there. thank you