Sunday, March 23, 2014

Peretz Sontag's Body Found in Harriman

We regret to inform our readers of the passing of Peretz Sontag ע״ה

The body of Peretz Sontag, the father of seven from Pomona who had been missing since March 14, was found Sunday afternoon in Harriman State Park, officials said. Sontag was located with his black 2012 black Kia Optima off a roadway in the park, Ramapo police Detective Lt. Mark Emma said. He was found by a hiker not related to the search. His department notified Sontag's wife, Tammy, of the discovery, and state parks police are handling the investigation, Emma said. "What can I tell you? It's just a tragedy," Sontag's uncle, Shimon, said shortly after receiving the news. "They're all distraught. It's a mess. You've got seven children. The whole family is heartbroken." Sontag said state park police found his nephew and were not treating the death as a homicide. A funeral will likely take place tomorrow and Peretz Sontag will be buried in Israel.

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Chaverim said...

Besides law enforcement from several different jurisdictions, another 800 volunteers including women & non-Jews of every ethnicity were searching the State Park today but the niftar was found by a hiker who was not part of the search effort.