Friday, March 28, 2014

Bitter Results of the Chareidi Win in Beit Shemesh! Chareidie Guy beats up Frum lady over skirt length!

Lady that was beaten by a chareidie
Yes sir, The Taliban have taken over the reigns in Beit Shemesh! They voted in a Mayor that had the backing of the "Gedoilei Hador" and now the "chickens have come home to roost!"

I don't hear Rav Shteinman saying one word against this physical assault on an innocent frum lady that had been beaten up in front of her 3 year old daughter!
Where is the long bearded Rabbi Feldman from Baltimore that flew in to Beit Shemesh to influence the vote? Where is his outcry!
Im sure they are poo pooing the story and saying that this was an isolated incident by a meshuginer!

Here is the story, read and be outraged!

A modern Orthodox Beit Shemesh woman was severely beaten on Wednesday by an ultra-Orthodox man who disapproved of the length of her skirt.

The 25-year-old woman was wearing a skirt that left part of her lower legs exposed when she picked up her 3-year-old daughter from day care. As the two were waiting for the bus, an ultra-Orthodox man in his 30s yelled at her that her skirt "brought out yetzer ha'ra [evil impulses]" and called her a "whore."

The woman told him he was being insolent and that she was calling the police.
"I was afraid and screamed," she said. "I called the police right away. He saw me doing it and ran toward me, and then he beat me hard and pulled my hair."
"I have bruises on my thigh and back from the attack," the woman said. "I screamed to the police on the phone that he was attacking me. He tried to take my phone away as he was beating me horribly. I was deathly afraid -- he snatched my phone out of my hand and ran away into the streets of [the haredi area of] Beit Shemesh."

She said the assault happened in broad daylight on a crowded street, but not a single passer-by tried to intervene.
"I called for help, but no one came. I cried, asked them to call the police because I was afraid he'd come back and murder me. All this time, my daughter, who was terrified, was screaming and crying," she said.

On Thursday morning, the attacker turned himself in to the police and returned the woman's phone. When questioned, he admitted to the assault. His lawyers have not issued a response.
However, the woman said her assailant's arrest did not comfort her.
"I couldn't sleep all night after the incident," she said. "My daughter is in therapy because of what happened. It's a horrible feeling. My daughter and I are very scared."


Anonymous said...

This has no Shaychus to a Chareidi guy winning the Beit Shemesh elections. Your just using this terrible and awful story to bash all chareidim and gedolim. In a way you are worse than those not saying anything about it because your just using the story to bash a whole community of klal yisroel because of a couple of crazies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1---
Cut us the same slack.
Stop bashing any and all Zionists for the crazy actions of a few. How much longer do I have to hear about Yaldei Teheran and early communist Zionists long dead?
Be makir tov for the good things that this State has done for other Jews, too numerous to mention here. Read history books instead of revisionist one-sided propaganda.

Re: Rav Shteinman:
Very hard to figure out what's going on around him. His visit in B'kly 8 years ago was greeted by Satmer Chassidim protesters against what they percieved to be his accomodations with Israeli govt. Called him names that I would'nt repeat here. Didn't he found Nachal Chareidi?
Lately, he or his shleppers are using names like Amalek, Haman, etc. Not clear where and from whom this is coming from.
In any case, Lapid, who's hated ,came into power because people INCLUDING OTHER FRUM voters vaulted him and his party into power. Why? Because they were tired of the shtick by Chareidim; beating, spitting on women, rock throwing, cursing at frum chayalim, special treatment on public busses, demanding more $$$$ and openly despising the chilonim. etc.
"Gedolim" is a subjective word. My Gedolim include Ravs ...Kook, Teichtal,Herzog,Melamed, Goren, Stav and many, more others. If you believe, and surely you do, that Eilu V'eilu divrei Elokim Chaim, the please just say 'MY gadolim" and I'll also say same for mine . There is pretty clear difference between many of them, won't you agree? Did any of the aforementioned MY gadolim call other Jews by these names?
When chareidim stop bashing all Zionists, then you get the same treatment.
What's happening now is that the hibernation is over. We woke up and we're not afraid to challenge the intolence of other opinions anymore. You will no longer hit us over the head with 'Das Torah" to silence us. My Das Torah is just as valid as yours.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous #1: I agree with most of what you said. My point was not about Zionist's or not or Chareidi gedolim or not. It was about his blog which goes out of its way to bash all chareidim. Especially all those who are anti-zionists or even just anti- the draft (did you see some of the stuff about the atzeres in Manhatten). I agree that chareidim must do the same. Also I have a problem with the way this blog talks about My gedolim. Even if he disagrees with these gedolei hador he should show some respect. He has no idea how much of this story.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1...

I speak for myself not necessarily for the blog. You sound like a nice person and I can see you an dme having a cup of coffee and danish together talking. Halevei SOME of the others would be the same.

Let me explain--
Our side has been viciously maligned over the years.
Our gedolim have been called the worst names imaginable... example.. Rav Kook.
Most recently, Rav Stav was spat upon and cursed when he visited the Kotel.
In my shul, there are people who object making a Mi Sheberach for the Tzahal. That's not the end of the story. A certain oleh l'Torah wanted to mention it and this person sitting behind the bima mocked him in sarcastic tones. others argue with me about draft . Ok. But continue with the vile name-calling AND shouting the Arab line of Zionists stealing land, collaborating with Nazis, murdering other Jews. Shabbos after Shabbos. Do you understand where I'm coming from and why people and blogs are getting upset?
The rhetoric has ratcheted up of course, with the draft issue. We're being tarred and feathered, chareidi soldiers are being called 'cockroaches" and harassed in shuls and on the streets in Israel.
Please do not ignore a certain rav, a rosh yeshiva whose late father was a tzaddik, a compromisor and negotiater with the zionists and beloved by all. His son Rav................ and his rag Hapeles?? Hapeled???? or maybe Hapless, instigates against the draft and approves of embarrasssing the soldiers befarhesyeh. When was the last time a Zionist Rav exhorted his talmidim to do this??

Finally, I'm outraged by the anti-Zionist skunks in Willy and elsewhere burning the Israeli flag in front of national media.
My parents' family were murdered in the Holocaust. They would have given everything to live and see this Israeli flag. They would have given everything to see a Jewish Chareidi soldier in beard and peyos dressed in a Jewish army uniform for the first time in 2,000 years.
These skunks's families were ALSO murdered there but they, the Kool-Aid drinking sponges have been brainwashed to no end.This psychotic hatred of Israel is not a normal one , not a rational one but a twisted obsession that pervades all of their feelings about Yiddishkeit. Sorry to say, that in Litvishe circles, some of this mania exists also.It's not rational to look a fact in the eye(Israel) and deny its existence. Not normal.
We can argue about Torah, medina, frum , secular, daati, all day. No problem. But don't use violence, filthy language or curse at MY gedolim... and here I'll go against what I've written before this one time.... Gedolim... not just mine..but yours too. Rav Kook, the saintly tzaddik loved ALL Jews and he showed it.. By contrast, some other so-called Gedolim say they love Jews , but haven't yet shown it yet.

Do you understand us now?

RBS bubba said...

Do you have link to the original article where this appeared? Thanks.

Dusiznies said...

It appeared in all major Newspapers in Israel,
here is a link from todays edition of Vosisnies