Thursday, March 27, 2014

North Koreans males will now become Chassidim, All must have similar haircuts!

North Korean males will now follow the chasiddishe minhag of having similar haircuts!
The hottest men’s hairstyle in North Korea is shear madness.Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, in a bizarre bit of tonsorial tyranny, decreed that his 12 million countrymen adopt his decidedly retro high-and-tight ’do.

The diminutive despot delivered his “fashion guideline” about two weeks ago, likely ensuring that Dennis Rodman and his multi-hued mop will never return to the nation.

The “Un and only” haircut, once popularized by ’90s boy bands, was unimaginatively dubbed “The Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un” — more of a mouthful than “a little off the sides.”

The 31-year-old’s look is simple: Short and slicked back on top, buzzed to the skin above both ears.
North Korea’s citizens were not too keen on the government-ordered grooming, griping that it’s not the right look for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

He's a mirror reflecting us. He's crazy as a fox but won't be as successful. Here's why:

No fancy modern eyeglass frames in schools,women dressed in 2 shades of black only, no color dresses, tznius patrols, Brisker peyos for Brisker boys.
Modern the same---
Greased hair so hair on front of head stick up like needles,then closely shaven bald pates, then poneytails,then stay unshaven for 2-3 days to look cool and macho when you come to shul -late- Friday night... We're all the same----rules, rules, rules.Unwritten---written...


Wear pants that are bit too short exposing my pepper-green socks and size 13 shoes,feet totally disproportionate with my otherwise slender, short frame. Wear a crumpled baseball cap logoed "I eat oatmeal" ( bought it for its color, not logo) and always write with a #2 pencil. Always.

Don't worry. I'm not as totally geeky as I look. There's a school of thought that holds that I may be all here but not all there, but that's the same for most everybody.

Who cares anyway?

My grandma always wore a flower-print apron even when she went shopping. Endeared her to everybody, so there.
Served the best homemade desserts to guests. Not like other prevailing-customly- dressed grand dames who opened cans of Del Monte sliced , so-called peaches, dripping in syrup and wasn't even ashamed to serve these to ravenous guests with silk napkins tucked into collars to prevent spillage.. Styles...Styles.

Where am I going with this anyway?..
Oh yeah.... Haircuts and styles don't make the person. Feel free to argue... It's just my opinion.. Not written stone, not forcing it on you. Just an opinion from a nerdy-lookalike.Feel free to dispute, but don't you force it on me either.

D'Yeh hear KIm Jong Il ? You can make rules, enforce rules but can't make the people like or respect you.
Any lesson for us?? I'm sure you've figured it out.. It's not like what I've written is a riddled pilpul/drasha on Shabbos Hagadol leaving the oylem clueless as to how to properly clean false teeth..You should be able to understand it, even if you're the not so oysgeshpitzeled chacham from the Ma Nishtanu or its Sheayno Yodayah.