Monday, March 24, 2014

Yonason Rosenbloom of Yated compares Lapid to Arafat!

This Jonathan Rosenblum who once identified himself as a Conservative Jew and who became Hareidi has now become the spokesman of the Yated and other Hareidie newspapers! He learned a little Chumash in Ohr Samaiach, and writes English with proper grammar so they made him their star to bash people that insist Chareidim share the burden! 

He is apparently bereft of any shame or decency!
Comparing Yair Lapid to the child murderer Yaser Arafat, in the latest edition of the Phony Lipshitz' newspaper, The Yated!

.."He might be compared to Yasir Arafat, who told President Clinton at Camp David that signing a peace agreement would effectively seal his death warrant. That plea attested to Arafat's failure to educate his Palestinian supporters to the necessity of major concessions if they hoped to gain a state, including renunciation of the so-called "right of return." Instead he spent his time post-Oslo whipping the Palestinian population into a frenzy of hate -- much as Lapid has whipped up hatred of the chareidi population -- and was thus in no position to respond to Ehud Barak's dangerously generous offer of Palestinian statehood...." 

Whats with these guys who become frum and then insane!
This "Am Haaretz"  in March 1992,  wrote an article in the Jewish Observer criticizing Rabbi Norman Lamm's book, Torah Umadda for equating the value and importance of secular and Torah studies. 


Anonymous said...

Spare me from reformed smokers now on a crusade , reformed health food nuts formerly super fressers, and born- again, smiling, newly ninted frummies.
Hey Rosenblock, the orthodox themselves voted for Lapid because they were fed up with chareidi terrorism. Throwing women off busses like rag dolls, cursing, spitting at Jewish girls in Bet Shemesh, evading the draft while using State infrastructure to flush their toilets, buing into meraglim filth by their leaders and denying G-D's ever present mercy and miracles.
Rosenblock, you should be ashamed of yourself, but you won't. Because now you're a 100% kosher pitiful lackey of the chareidi cobras and ingrates.

Anonymous said...

I'm befuddled why sane, emunah-laden, miracles-seeing, Yad Hashem recognizing, mainstream pro-Zionist Jews still purchase rags like Yated, Hamodia and the plethorah of magazines which edit, distort, photoshop- out women , etc.
These frummie rags are tying up your precious time and aren't they concerned that it takes time away from limud Torah? Of course it does, silly me.