Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aguda calls for a Mass Prayer Event in Manhattan but doesn't endorse it!

I want to ask my readers some simple questions. You can email if you have the answer to this .
  1. Who goes to these things? 
  2. Why is it important to have a mass gathering? Can't people go to their own shul and say some tehillim? Or does the Ribbono shel Olam only listen to us on "Water Street?"
  3. Why is it important for goyim to see that Jews here in America don't want Jews in Israel to protect their own country?
  4. Why are we instilling hate in our children towards Israel? Are you telling your innocent children that Israel is the bad guy and doesn't want us to learn Torah? Are you also telling them the honest truth.... that you believe that only Chilonim should sacrifice their chidren to protect the citizens of Israel, and that only the Chilonim should work and pay taxes to support the Chareidim?
  5. Why arn't there protests against our own country who won't allow Jews to build in their own country?
  6. Did any Rav or Rebbeleh send an email to Obama to tell him to stop threatening our brothers and sisters in Israel? Or do we care only about our own little neighborhoods and we don't give a hoot what happens in Israel? Do we only care because the Chilonim are fed up and want  the parasites in Israel to finally give something back to a country that had been feeding them until now!
  7. Did the Aguda or any Rebbelleh send a letter to Obama to tell him that a Nuclear Iran is unacceptable because it can G-D Forbid annihilate all our brothers and sisters in Israel? Or are we putting our heads into the sand like we did during the Holocaust?
  8. And why is the Aguda not endorsing this gathering?
Any Rabbi in any shul that calls for their congregants to go to this "Massive Chillul Hashem" should be asked publicly, when he last called for a protest against our own country to protest its hostility to Eretz Yisroel! 
When was the last time he called for a massive writing campaign to Senators and Representatives to ask them to support Israel? When?

At the request of Rabbis in Israel, American Rabbis have asked that Jews in New York should join in a large Prayer gathering that will take place on Water Street in lower Manhattan this Sunday (March 9) beginning at 2:00 p.m.
According to a press release By Agudath Israel, The gathering will echo this past Sunday’s mass prayer event in Jerusalem, which brought out hundreds of thousands of Jews in response to the Israeli government’s ongoing attempt to Draft Israeli Yeshiva students into the Army.
The New York gathering, which will include a special area for women who wish to participate, will begin with ‘Mincha’ and consist of the recital of Tehillim and special prayers in unison.
Buses are expected to bring participants to the gathering location from communities and institutions outside the immediate New York area, but New York residents are being urged to take public transportation to the site, which is well serviced by the subway system, and to not attempt to drive into Manhattan for the gathering.
Agudath Israel stressed in their press release, that although they are providing information regarding the planned mass prayer event, the gathering is not being organized under the auspices of Agudath Israel of America.

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