Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is G-D sending Us a Message? Jews being drafted in the Army but in UKRAINE!

If not in Israel, then in the Ukraine. 

Why is it that the Chareidim are always blaming the ladies for lack of tzniees when anything goes wrong!
Here you have a clear sign from above, that Jews ought to sign up for the IDF!
But here they will blame it on coincidence!

Ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities received draft notices to report to the Ukrainian army draft center, according to a report in Maariv. 

Yeshiva students from multiple yeshivas in Kiev, including Chabad students, were told to report to the draft center, in response to the increasing tensions with Russia. 

But unlike in the IDF, Jewish soldiers in the Ukrainian army cannot get kosher food, cannot have beards, and must work on Shabbat – which is they day they clean the base. Some of the students are considering running away to Israel. The only question is, this time, will the Jews in the Ukraine decide to run away before it’s too late, or only after it’s too late.

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