Thursday, March 13, 2014

Neshama Carlbach will welcome Shabbos Zochur with the "Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir"

Neshama (3rd from left in front)with the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir
Neshama is obsessed with the Baptists so she will wecome our Holy Shabbos in a Reform Temple with a bunch of Schvartzeh singers!
Now we know why she has no use for the Orthodox!

This is her announcement on Facebook,

Excited, honored and inspired to be participating in Shabbat services at Central Synagogue with Rabbi Angela Buchdahl andCantor Julia Katz, at 6PM tomorrow night. For the first time , I'll be welcoming Shabbat in while singing with my new band, Roger Lee Hambrick , Vanessa Hambrick and members of the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir. New York Friends, hoping to see you there! For those of you who cannot be there, it will also be filmed and streamed live- check out the website.. xoxo to all!


Fred said...

I don't think it's proper or mentchlich to refer to the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir as a "bunch of Schvartzeh singers". Aside from demonstrating ill will toward Black people, you are venting your anger at Neshama Carlbach at people associated with her who are innocent of any religious infractions. I'm sure the members of this church are fine and upstanding people, which is the way they should be judged, and not by the color of their skin.

Your blog is very valuable and contains much important information, but its impact is lessoned by the use of words and phrases which demean other people, who are also B'Tzelem Elokim.

Dusiznies said...

Thanking for following my blog!
My point of this article is that Neshama Carlbach was deceitful when she said that she was making "Aliyah" to her conversion to Reform Judasiam.
Her motive was about the mighty $$$$$$!
There was no way that any Orthodox Shul would have accepted her desecrating shabbos by singing with a live band on Shabbos! Also, the issue of "Kol Issue!"
She was loosing her audience, and she decided that Reform would bring her the $$$ 's! Her statement that she is following her father Shlomo who accepted all is outrageous! I knew her Father very well and was close to him and his family!
yes! he was accepting of all, but never accepted their actions, he would never ever would have accepted her singing on the Holy Shabbos with Christians in a Reform Temple desecrating the Shabbos with a live band and desecrating the memory of all her ancestors!
she is a fake, fraud and a Phony!
This band of "Svartza" may have very well been created in G-D's image, and they maybe nice decent people but they dont belong in a Jewish place of worship, they deny theologically the Oneness of Hashem! They worship a human that was born and died a Jew, and their religion contradicts everything we stand for.

Kosher Ham said...


I agree with all the the first poster comments, Fred.

So, if according to your reply, you should have stated Xtian Goyim instead of Shvartze. It's the Xtian Goyim that deny the Theological Oneness of HaShem; not their "Shvartze"ness.

Please make that change.

Warren Burstein said...

I agree with the critics. Please remove the reference to race. Or explain why you feel it's relevant.