Friday, March 7, 2014

What will the Frum IDF Soldiers do this Sunday, when the Frummies Protest on Water Street! Video


yitz said...

Both videos are stupid and miss point. More so the one by the non-soldiers. They had no business in insulting the IDF, this was NOT the point of the protest.
What the protest was supposed to be about was making Torah study a crime. Till The criminal sanctions were discussed Rav Steinman Shlita always encouraged those who do NOT sit and learn to go to the Army. Sadly the IDF lies to the recruits, they promise them no women and a higher standard of kashrus which once they sign up is NOT kept.In most cases within one month those who were once frum are no longer. The IDF is meant to be a melting pot to destroy the Hareidi culture just as the Israeli Gvt. did once before with the yemenites.
If I would have made the film clip I would have shown Lapid writing for BaMachane, as if that is bearing the burden or Yaakov Peri playing in the Army band which is REALLY sharing the burden, or Shai Peron teaching, how can one who never was in a fighting unit teach soldiers how to fight? or any of the other IDF JOBNIKS not of the fighting soldiers. This is what causes makhloket and division.
I would have showed the members of Yesh Atid who did NOT serve in the IDF such as Party leader and
MK Yoel Rezbozov - Shortened service as an outstanding athlete
Health Minister Yael German - Did not serve
MK Dov Lipman - Did not serve
MK Rena Frankel - Did not serve

Dusiznies said...

"making learning Torah a crime?"
What are you talking about?
Let the Chareidim move out? Nobody is keeping them there?
For years they took stipends, and gave nothing back....
These are parasites who have no "Hakoras Hatoiv"
the Chilonim who were taxed to support the Yeshivos and Kollilim are fed up...
and I dont blame them!
they had enough of supporting these "bench Quvettchers" and had enough of their children dying to protect them!