Thursday, May 16, 2024

Israeli Yated a bunch of Litvishe Savages! The Government Needs to Shut Them Down NOW!!!

 As I keep telling you guys, the Chareidie world is a bunch of narcissistic uncaring disconnected people!

They have no empathy for those dying to protect their families! They don't care about anyone who doesn't conform to their parasitic way of life! Shut them down now! Boycott those who advertise with them! 

And how did they get this info? From a smartphone, they didn't get it on a Kosher Phone! They keep writing in their vile rag against those with smartphones yet these hypocrites themselves get ALL their news from smartphones!

I also had this information from a chat, yet I didn't post it, not that I am a "tzaddik" I'm far from it, but I am not a RASHA!

They need to be drafted into the army! ASAP! 

The Charedi daily Yated Ne'eman on Thursday morning roused a storm after its front page headline reported a "multi-casualty" incident in Gaza - before the matter was cleared for publication by the IDF.

The front page of the Lithuanian-haredi newspaper boasted a red background with the words, "Not cleared for publication: A multi-casualty incident." The newspaper was distributed before the incident, which killed five haredi 'Chetz' soldiers and injured several others, was cleared for publication.

Galatz journalist Doron Kadosh responded; "Whoever does not know the stomachaches, the stress, and the pressure of the families at home, when rumors start to come in; the hours of sleepless nights, of worry and fear' the phone calls to anyone who might have a drop of information - will not understand.

"He will not understand - and he will not be ashamed. His senses are dulled to the pain of bereavement."

Journalist Kobi Dahan responded: "Yated Ne'eman jumped off the diving board. They violated the censor. When there is no part or understanding, there is also no feeling or compassion."

Former journalist Omer Carmon responded: "The families of the soldiers are superheroes. The Yated Ne'eman this morning showed a horrific and terrifying display of insensitivity. If it is not cleared for publication in order not to hurt the families of the fallen, you do not publish it!!!!!"


Geller said...

"the Chareidie world is a bunch of narcissistic uncaring disconnected"

DIN, you have a lot of good points, but there is no reason for you to lower yourself to this kind of talk that's worthy of Failed Shmatta Rosenberg & the like.

As we all know, it's morons & cretins who often start newspapers or op-ed syndications while purporting to speak for everyone. A few that immediately come to mind are your old "buddy" Frankfurter, Shafran, the Chabadsker Tuna Beigel in the 5 Towns & the "Low Klass" Klan of Jewish Fress. If there were ever cases of "Yellow Journalism"!

Anonymous said...

"the Chareidie world is a bunch of narcissistic uncaring disconnected people"

Nice! Logical.

You don't like something printed in a Charedi paper so the ENTIRE CHAREDI WORLD is now deemed "A bunch of narcissistic uncaring disconnected people."

Seems like there is a problem and you may be a big part of it.

Anonymous said...

"the Chareidie world is a bunch of narcissistic uncaring disconnected people"

"Jews control the world"

See any similarity?

Be Better....this is below you.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this blog, but I come from the "Litvishe" World, and I find Dus Iz Nies to be refreshing. I have to say growing up in this environment I unfortunately have to agree with the blogger, it is the "Entire Chareidie World" There are of course "yechidim" that are not, but "רובו דרובו" are narcissistic, and totally disconnected.
To Geller 4:16
"Morons" may have started the Yated, but you have to keep in mind that the ones reading this don't have smartphones and get their news from this paper and that is why it is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:06 - if this is how you truly feel about the Entire Chareidi World" this blog is definitely for you. You possess sufficient animosity toward your fellow yidden to find this content thrilling. You have my sympathies of course.

Garnel Ironheart said...

For better or worse, a community is judged by its public representatives, including and especially the media.

Anonymous said...

Well all the sites had it the night before

Anonymous said...

The Chareidie World has been dumbed down!
Here is a guy who commented at 9:59 and thinks that saying "The Jews Control the World" is equivalent to saying that "the Chareidie world is a bunch of narcissistic uncaring disconnected people" He sees a "similarity"! This is the "Tam" from the Ma Nishtana!

Anonymous said...

I live in Kiryat Sefer, and very few people work here, this is the poorest city in Israel. Calling out the "chareidim" and saying the truth that they are "narcissistic" is not someone having "animosity toward your fellow yidden" It is calling a spade a spade. You can put your head in the sand if you wish, but I have to agree that our community in Kiryat Sefer is 99.9999% disconnected to what is happening in Israel, they live in their own world and that is the definition of someone being "narcissistic." I might add that my brother-in-law lives in Beitar Elite and he is moving as he sees and feels the hatred that the Chareidie residents have to anyone who doesn't look like them. They learn mussar but do not follow any of the precepts!

Dusiznies said...

That is a bald-faced lie and I have to call you out on this!

Anonymous said...

I was watching channel 13 on Israeli tv and Our Heller their army correspondent mentioned that there had been an incident that was not yet cleared by the army to report.this was at the 8 pm news if I'm not mistaken, that was before yated printed.did yated actually say what happened?

Dusiznies said...

All the networks reported that a "incident" happened, but the Yeted reported where it happened the unit, and the names!!!!!!!