Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Yossi Bialo Murdered in his home in Cleveland .... Updated

*** There are rumors and private e-mails sent to us that say that he wasn't murdered
Ve'hameivin Yavin

An Orthodox Jewish man has been found shot dead in the Jewish community of Cleveland, Ohio.
Yossi Bialo Z”L, 33 years old, suffered a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at his home on S. Green Road.
Beachwood police officers responded to a residence on Timberlane Drive for a report of a domestic situation, according to a Dec. 24 police report.
The entire home has been cordoned off by Police as they investigate this incident.
Yossi, the victim, had a brother Levi Z”L who was killed in a horrific crash in 2005, when his car collided with a train near Toronto.
The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office has not ruled a cause of death, however it does not appear this incident involved any anti-semitism or criminality.

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Anonymous said...

He wasn't murdered. It was a suicide

Clouseau said...

Arutz Sheva reporting he was shot by a man familiar to the family who had a verbal dispute with the rabbi. Hey Cleveland PD: How is that not criminal unless you are Barak "some folks got shot" Obama?

Vivid said...

Clouseau - That was premature incorrect information based on accidentally conflating a shooting that took place on the east side that involved another person welcomed into the house who shot a man and also injured a woman. The story that took place on Timberlane Ave, the Bialo residence, included a call for a domestic dispute and no outsider was involved. The reason they say there was no criminality is because [suicide] is not a crime.

Sherlock said...

Suicide is certainly a crime al pi Hatorah.

It is also illegal in most secular jurisdictions that if the cops manage to prevent the suicide they will or can charge the person.

Anonymous said...

Clouseau...What does this have to do with Barack Obama?