Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Was Jersey City School Official Who Bashed Jews On Facebook Really "Anti-Semitic"

Before you read further..... think long and hard ...
Is there any truth to her claims of “waving bags of money” or of “bringing in drug dealers and prostitutes”? 
If yes – we need some real soul-searching. Is it correct of a real estate agent or any other “investor” to cause such a Chilul Hashem for the potential of making a few dollars?
Don’t get me wrong – her diatribe is unacceptable and out of hatred – but what caused such hatred? Did we cause it?
Insider NJ transcribed part of her comments:
“Where was all this faith and hope when black homeowners were being threatened, intimidated and harassed by ‘want to buy your house’ bullies of the Jewish community? They brazenly came on the property of black homeowners and waved bags of money. Resistance was met with more threats of ‘we will bring drug dealers and prostitutes to live next door to you. You will sell to us then.”
Terrell claimed that black tenants were being evicted from homes owned by Jewish to make room for additional Jewish people to occupy and that a million-dollar campaign in New York encouraged Jewish to move into Jersey City.

Her post went on to raise questions about the loss of key programs in Jersey City that benefited ex-offenders and the loss of community gardens previously run largely by African Americans
“One still exists and has been harassed almost daily,” she wrote. “If we are going to tell a narrative, it should being with truth, not more cover up of truth. Dialogue is important, but truth is critical.”
“Mr. Anderson and Ms. Graham went directly to the Kosher supermarket,” Terrell wrote. “I believe they knew they would come out in body bags. What is the message they were sending? Are we brave enough to explore the answer to their message? Are we brave enough to stop the assault on the black communities of America?”
She implied that city officials and community leaders appear to have turned a blind eye to the reduction of services, and claims that “drugs and guns are planted in the Black Community.”


Ma Rabbi said...

Her comments were completely unjustified.
Yes its true that Jews offered to buy houses from the blacks at greatly inflated prices. So what. The blacks were not forced to sell.
This is not the Mafia threatening to break their legs.
They were offered great deals to sell their homes for much more that the market values. This is not intimidation. This is doing business.

Anthony said...

Another stupid niggress

Joe Magdeburger said...

I have had horrible experiences with some blacks, and found others who were allies and friends. To the best of my ability, I try to judge each person as an individual. There is a mentality that is applied to Jews that when Chris or Jim does something wrong, then Chris or James did wrong. But when Moshe screws up, it's the Jew's fault. This lady is using that logic, which is just as wrong when used against a black or a"caucasian". A bigot is a bigot is a bigot. Let's criticise actions without condemning whole groups.

Fresser Real Estate Developer said...

MA Rabbi is right regarding real estate values but is missing DIN's teefa point which is similar to the musser given by the Maharam of Rothenburg, the gadol hador 800 years ago. This Rishon said that pogroms that lasted over 100 years through parts of three centuries starting in England & even jumping the Channel to France was the result of just a handful of inzerra scumbags making a chilul Hashem by stealing from the Malchus & general public, then lying to cover it up in police interrogations, then being proven to be lying.

Did any of inzerra bring drugs & zoynos to Joisey City as DIN bavorns? Veiss Ich nisht & I certainly hope not but it would not loi uleinee be a chiddish if yes. See here where Rabbi Feivy Mendlowitz on his UOJ site went after some guilty parties in Lakewood & Jackson, including some of the 'big name' Agudah FRESSERS as he often describes them.

And it is an old story that even predates the internet. That Eizikovitz guy with the shul on BMG's block rented an illegal apt in the early 90s to an infamous zoyna who was a favorite in Shvartz drug dealer kreizen. We are talking in the same house were he lived, maintained a sefer Torah and made minyanim. The cops who saw the tenant getting all kinds of 'visitors' who match mug shots, tipped off the shcheinim who came after the shvantz landlord with a fury and all kinds of threats until he got rid of her. This how angry eidela Yidden became. Me ken shoin meinen how outraged not Yiddishe neighbors will be if inzerra are doing this to them.

There is also a yeshivishe real estate gvir who has been telling people it is common knowledge that a Satmar real estate gvir keeps a dira in Newark mit a Shvartz zoyna for his own personal use.

Anonymous said...

Insider NJ indicates that the tzebissiner Shvartza Joan Terrell was ticked off by their earlier article about the speech by the Agudah's Avi Schnall.

Just curious where that patronage appointment is coming from. Oh right, he was appointed by that "paragon of virtue" Agudah Board member Ralph Zucker. If anyone has a clue how Ralph acts in business you gotta wonder what "qualities" he saw in Schnall. And I don't mean as far as it looks like Schnall has devoured some generous portions of steaks at the Prime Grill a"h

Is he a cousin by the way by that jerk Schnall who was in "kiruv" but wouldn't get off his rear end for the simplest of tasks? Another patronage appointment

Anonymous said...

Tzvay dinim.

There are vicious anteh-Semitten and/or low IQ idyotten who always shrey guzmos about Yidden coming mit "suitcases" gepakt mit mezuman as if Capitalism is a crime. They otherwise manufacture stories about frumma real estate broker lawbreaking that are less plausible than the current articles of impeachment against POTUS. One example was an Italian dope in Toms River & an equally dumb reporter who were jumping up & down on the news about a postcard from a Lakewood broker who they accused of "mail fraud". They didn't even know what they were talking about & what they were accusing was of no benefit to the broker AND virtually impossible in metzius. It was obviously a USPS error.

However, there are some slimy, greedy frumma brokers who use illegal or just plain annoying pressure tactics like never taking no for an answer. The Monsey Vaad haEruv has said they are convinced it sparks vandalism which is always much more concentrated in areas of high goyish to Yiddish turnover. I knew at one point many of the agents in both Lakewood & Monsey. Watch out for that Streicher yenta from Realty Teams Monsey. I believe it when the goyim publicly accuse her of being a relentless nudnik because I was very unimpressed with her behavior towards her own. And if you're a buyer don't let her pressure you. It seems she will say anything abee to make a sale and she doesn't care how short your end of the stick is. In Lakewood, the biggest backstabber, dangerous agent for buyers in my opinion was that machsheifa vos ruft zich Renee. Or at least that's when PG is not running one of his shticklach with a crooked lawyer fronting for him. Never believe a word that he says.

Anonymous said...

Mayor, Governor Call For Jersey City School Trustee's Resignation

Unknown said...

Personally, I think we should move to our Homeland. We have a home that is Eretz Yisroel. Let them have their houses in Jersey City NJ.,etc. They don't want us here. They will destroy their own neighborhoods with guns and drugs,build our own.

moshiachnow said...

"loss of key programs in Jersey City that benefited ex-offenders"
Wonder what race these people are? "drugs and guns are planted in the Black Community."
”we will bring drug dealers and prostitutes to live next door to you" What offenses did their ex-offenders commit? I guess she doesn't mind whatever they committed. How could they threaten bringing in dealers when she says that there are allegedly drugs planted in her community?
"black tenants were being evicted from homes owned by Jewish to make room for additional Jewish people to occupy"
Were these apartments or houses that Jews bought? Why weren't they renting in Black homes? Guess calling Jews "occupiers" is meant to appeal to those who see Israel as "occupiers".
The problem isn't Jews moving into her community. It's that too many Blacks have been weaned in a godless public school systen, on violent shows, music and video games, in fatherless families, with people disrespecting the police, with hatred from such groups as the black Israelits and Farrrakhan, yemach shmo, etc.