Monday, December 23, 2019

Lakewood "Town of Torah" Sells Donuts for $14.00 a Piece

The Donuts Pictured sold last year for $8.00 a piece!
Yes ... in the "holy" city of Lakewood there is a store that will remain nameless, that sells donuts for $14.00 a piece! 

Last year they were sold for much cheaper; they were selling for $8.00 a piece...

This means that the storekeeper knows that he will get customers in the "Ir shel Torah" that will shell out this kind of money ....

I don't have any complaints against the owner, chas ve'shalom, since he is catering to that kind of clientele..... Kol Ha'Kovod!

So who in Lakewood is spending Jewish money on this garbage???

It looks as if that all the so called learning all day and the hundreds of Roshei Yeshivah with their constant "musser shmoozs'" have  zero impact on the "ruchnisdikeh" environment ....

I know I know I know
You will all scream at your tumidikeh screens....
"DIN ... you are no Tzddik!"

True ....... I'm no tzaddik ....(notice I wrote this in the smallest font, because of my humility)

But I find spending $14.00 for a donut when there are Bnei-Torah in Lakewood who cannot afford tuition for their children ...
very disturbing ....
Maybe it's just me .....
Happy Chanukah!

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Anonymous said...

FYI today only about half of Lakewood is the Yeshivaleit. The rest are Balebatim that moved in from Brooklyn and other places and brought their Gashmiyus with them. Until about 25 years ago it wasn't like this.


Anonymous said...

This is rather nasty.

There are almost 90,000 frum Jews living in Lakewood. Plenty of them have more than enough to spare for an expensive donut. Believe me, the fellows who struggle with tuition are not going into that store.
This is a gimmick - a rather sick one imho - designed to bring publicity to a store, not to actually sell donuts.

Lakewood is a town with plenty of people living a very measured and careful life so they can study Torah and raise wholesome families. They also don't spend their days criticizing and hating other Jews just because they chose a different lifestyle.

Something to think about.

anti elitism said...

Because we ignore Hillel Hazakon (the elder) most of the time. He said "D'alach saga l'chavrach loy savad. Ze kol hatorah. V'idach p'reasha he" (Impact others like yourself. This is the whole Torah. The rest is commentary to it.)

And we use the Torah as a status symbol (elitism) and not as commentary to "Impact others like yourself".

That's why is has zero impact on the "ruchnisdikeh" (spiritual) environment. Because it's not Torah but elitism, idolatry and apikorses (blasphemy). Especially when these gods are pushed on to the masses in a negative and elitist way (show of power, police escorts etc.).

It's also very sad, because they spend so much for others, then others just laugh behind their backs and so many risk ending up behind bars. Lose-lose situation.

Etty Ausch said...

cyrano said...

I am truly perplexed. Are you suggesting that Lakewood which had enjoyed the reputation of being the "Ihr HaTorah", has become infiltrated by some who hold values that are the antithesis of true Torah values? If so, what ought Bnei Torah do about that? Deny those families that practice excess any access to "yeshivahshe" Yeshivas? Would not DIN clamor for "reform" and shout where is Ahavas Yisroel?

Aderabbe, on the contrary what does DIN suggest that Bnei Torah do in response to this disgusting display of this hedonism? I would be grateful to hear a productive solution.

Anonymous said...

cyrano, the solution seems simple:
Everyone who is not intimidated (or too impressed) by the police escorts, should stop living to impress others, who have more than them.
And start living to help others, who have less than them.

Then the ones who are intimidated (or too impressed) by the police escorts, will follow.

Light unto the nations said...

If we stop being a leech onto the nations and become a light onto the nations, hopefully Trump will be able to start the process to build the Bais Hamikdosh (third temple) in the next 5 years. Win-win situation.

Trump is ready to change his last name. To Trump the Great. Are you ready to take your hand out of the monkey trap?

If we don't, we'll have more persecutions, like in the last few thousand years. Don't get too comfortable with hedonism on other peoples expense. They have enough guns, envy and anger for all of us.

Satmar Bums said...

why spend $14 when you can steal for free?

Anonymous said...

@ Etty Ausch

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience in your marriage, but your experience isn't typical and doesn't represent the frum Jewish way of life. In any community there are good marriages and bad marriages.

A Jewish marriage certainly IS about love. אהבה ואחוה ושלום ורעות. If someone doesn't have love in their marriage, that's not the way it is supposed to be at all. Only in the context of love can there be anything good.
ואהבת לרעך כמוך זה כל גדול בתורה

Zako said...

Have I ever needed it ? No.
Do I need it/want it ? No.
Will it be useful ? No.

Boruch Hashem we will always have the
freedom to NOT buy these useless donuts.

It's not religion. It's not even food. It's a trap.

Anonymous said...

If there would be no 'demand' there would be no 'supply'.

Basic economics.

Wow Trump is really crazy said...

According to this article Trump is really crazy and is transferring custody of the Har Habayis (Temple Mount) to the Saudi's. Why, to build the Bais Hamikdosh (third temple)???

No delusions please. Trump is not going to kiss our @$$. All he knows is how to kick @$$ (for all Americans). So all of you, don't be fools. Listen to this YouTube shvartze (African) and get your hands out of the monkey trap, now. Or it will stay stuck for another 2,000 years.

Abe said...

Doesn’t the donut proprietor need a special hechsher to sell $14.00 dollar donuts?
If It isn’t needed it’s a black mark on Hashgacha organization that might otherwise profit from oppressive chumrot. Think of all the restaurants that needed to install water filters to sift the microscopic copepods from NYC water. Guess who profited from that meshugaas.
Lakewood Besdin is missing out on a good source of additional income.

Anonymous said...

Tyler Durden

Zako said...

To Abe (4:01 PM)

Please stop accusing the Kashrus for everything that goes wrong. This has absolutely nothing to do with Kashrus.

It's all about useless meaningless brainless fashion, based on the age-old offer/supply concept.
The real source of the problem here can be found among the small number of foolish people who are ready to hand out $14 for... a donut.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating, the donut that's building the Bais Hamikdosh (Temple 3.0). "B'ikvasa D'meshicha Chutzpa Yasga" (On the heels of the messiah, hypocrisy will be apparent).

Maybe it's the tumidikeh (foul) internet. "Vayahua B'may Achashveiroish Hamoilech M'hoidy Ad Kush Sheva Esram U'mayo Modaenas" (Book of Esther: Once upon a time there was Xerxes, who ruled from India to Africa, 127 nations).

But the internet now rules 197 nations. Or did 60 nations exile (censor) the internet? Let's see, Iran, China, Williamsburg, Monroe, Monsey, London, Antwerp, wait, but isn't WhatsApp also the internet?

Unknown said...

Lakewood Jackson Tom's River have a Total of 19,000 Frum Families of which aproxemitely 6,500 study in BMG , most people moving into Lakewood now have nothing to do with BMG , they move in because it is a Large Jewish Community with Cheaper Housing than Brooklyn

Oylem Goylem said...

The rivers & ground in Toms River are toxic from decades of Pharma giants based there dumping millions of gallons of poisonous chemicals directly into the ground. It was known since the early 90s that large numbers of kids were dying from yener machala. But Clinton's EPA covered it up.

See the 500 page book "Toms River" by journalist & NYU Professor Dan Fagin.

A rov was warning on his website not to move there but Lakewood's real estate mafia intimidated him to take it down. Don't get in between heimishe fressers & a shady opportunity to make a few bucks.

Jackson has the same problem from river tributaries that flow there & because big rig truck drivers with toxic hauls happened to pick that town to dump their loads in forests & fields the 1970s.

South Lakewood has a Toms River problem from close proximity & because the ground is sandy & porous so the toxins quickly spread underground.

Anonymous said...

Donuts cost 4 for a dollar wholesale. Then they dress it up a bit with their cake decorator and charge $14.00.

Why don't you fargin the baker who is fundraising for himself to pay for his kids yeshiva tuition without joining the shnorrers who line up in shul and stick their hand in your siddur? He's trying to do his fundraising b'derech kovid. Maybe look at the other side of the story.