Thursday, December 19, 2019

Lakewood Company Owners Cheated Medicaid Enrollment Assistance

According to a lawsuit filed by the New Jersey Attorney General, 2 Lakewood company owners allegedly cheated dozens of customers out of more than $300,000 they paid out for assistance in applying for Medicaid coverage.

The owners of Advanta Medicaid Specialists are also accused of using company money for their own personal use, as well as for donations to private schools, charities and synagogues, leading to the company’s closure.
According to the complaint, some 49 customers allege they paid out between $3,000 and $9,000 each for Advanta Medicaid’s services, which was meant to be advice on how to apply for Medicaid, how to “spend down” their assets to become eligible for the program, and other services. But the customers claim they never received the services, nor did they receive their promised refund should they not qualify.
“Families and individuals seeking assistance with Medicaid enrollment are among those who can least afford to lose thousands of dollars to fraud,” said Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal.
The state is seeking restitution, attorney fees, investigative fees, unspecified penalties as well as a restriction of the defendants’ business activities in the state.


Anonymous said...

Name, names!
This is reprehensible

5 Towns said...

Scummy Iranian Aryeh is part of the Aryeh family in Lawrence & Far Rockaway. If you read the complaint he is the bigger villain who stole all kinds of money for Atlantic City gambling, fressing in the most expensive steakhouses & limousines with chauffeurs.

They are both guilty of stealing to pay yeshiva tuition & showing off for kuved by giving tzedukeh elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

No - prosecute and go for prison sentences. Lock these shysters up.

Teaneck said...

Rabbi Rothwachs's shul was duped into advertising an Advanta event with free food to draw victims into the scam!

Shmelliot Engel said...

Phew! So far DIN hasn't bashed me for standing shoulder to shoulder last night with Fat Nadler, Marxist Maxine Waters, Loopy Pelosi & Adam little Schitt. I guess it was a good decision to karg out on Ezra Friedlander's fee. I could have been painting a target on myself.

Anonymous said...

Another Lakewood, seemingly frum company is doing same thing and has been criticized for it--- Senior Planning Services

Shyster said...

Senior Planning Services is also known as LTC Consulting Services

these guys,_LLC_et_al

Racketeering (RICO) Act