Monday, December 30, 2019

Question Why Did Rabbi Rottenberg Continue With the Melava Malka & What Did He say??

This was a tragedy beyond anyone's imagination.... 
And I certainly do not want to rain on anyone's parade.....
 I personally know the one in very critical condition ...

I know I will get a lot of flack for this....

But I want to know seriously .... from my readers that go to these "tishen" .....

Was this appropriate?

Was the dancing and singing while one of the participant's life was dangling on a thread, the correct thing to do?

Would it have been such a tragedy ... if the Rebbe, may he live and be well till 120 years, would have taken out a tehillim ????

Would it have been a tragedy for the rebbe to go immediately to the hospital and visit the guy who was so viciously stabbed??

His own children were rushed to the hospital ......
I'm asking ..... not criticizing .....
which father continues singing and clapping while his children are in the emergency room?

And his talk at the Melava Malka........ 
The good Rebbe  is bringing a "Shlah Ha'Kodash" to justify his singing and clapping while a guy is being operated on??? 

Do chassidim in general, dance and clap when their rebbe is deathly ill? Or do they congregate to say Tehillim together?
I am asking this with the utmost respect ....

Another question....
Why was he thanking the Governor ... why???
Didn't the governor just sign into law allowing felons "No bail?"
And opening the prison gates? ...
This would have been a great moment to tell the Governor that his leftist policies are bringing ruin to this once great city!

 People want answers to these simple questions....
If anyone out there has a reasonable explanation, I would love to hear it ....

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there is no answer and he will have to answer after 120.
There is a time and place for everything.
When your congregation and children are stabbed and taken to the hospital, you shut the shul and go be with the victims. Not sma time for tishin.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to add.
Wonder how many other people were thinking exact same thing when we saw that video posted that night.

Anonymous said...

You obviously do not live in Monsey.
You keep calling him rebbe.
Did you ask questions when he and co. Massered on yossel neiman?
Coincidentally the same name as the one hurt in his house??
Enough said.

Marlon Brando said...

Horav DIN is the mayvin davar mitoch davar. You are just starting to scratch the surface. Keep digging & you will see it was the same hitman hired for both Monsey attacks. And Fredo's older brother is deep in the cover up. What do you expect when Cuomo's inner circle is now in jail for taking bribes including the "3rd brother" Joe Percoco? Fredo's older brother himself lucked out because scumbags Obama & AG Holder would not allow such a high ranking NY Democrat to also be arrested.

Did you watch the Town press conference yesterday when a reporter asked the Ramapo Chief if the two Monsey cases are connected? The Chief looked stunned when Fredo's older brother suddenly jumped in from 10 feet away to shout an emphatic NO when he wasn't asked. Within hours some angry police detectives outed Fredo's older brother to the NY Post as a liar covering up jaw dropping facts that were even hidden from the FBI.

Grafton boy is gonna zing to the Feds mit chazzunus unless the filthy heimishe or Fredo's older brother get to him first to pull a Jeffrey Epstein.

I'm not the first one to publicly hint at a larger conspiracy. The CEO of a world class security firm said it today at the County press conference that no terrorist skips over every lively shul on Forshay Rd to head straight for the basement in Rav Rottenberg's house.

Unknown said...

Yes the rabbi was having melava malka as halacha insists.and as you said he quoted the shla saying that the singing of praises to hashem will assist just like prayer. I know people who live in forshay.they say that this rabbis prayers in general are beautiful to listen to.this is not about him not saying tehillim rather he's doingthe right thing by following halacha and thanking hashem for saving everyone else and hopefully those who were injured

Loose Lips Sink Ships said...

Look who YSV invites to play Mashgiach Ruchni after the fishy attack (even Pinny's Matzav site calls it fishy) on the Forshayer that is connected to the previous Monsey attack despite Cuomo's denials

Lippy Loose Lips Geldwerth who savagely attacked multiple people bifnei am v'aida for the "crime" of being the guy who outed Kolko but didn't apologize to them when the real mechaber of UOJ publicly IDed himself

Anonymous said...

And while we are at it, is the shule in his house?? Implications-- taxes, public accomodations? police access?/

Monsey said...

There is no explanation. He is a tuchus to say the least!

This was obviously an inside job and there is more to the story. Seemed like a hit. Or something like that.

Taking all these political photos!!

NOT a single mention about the two people who were severely injured!! One had 4 fingers severed (3 were reattached but his thumb is gone)
The other had to have his skull cut open to relieve the pressure.
He might end up with permanent brain damage.

Because they were not your typical person?
They still are OUR brothers and sisters!
Why was there no saying Tehlim before the Hachnusis sefer Torah?
If God forbid it was one of his kids who was in an 8 hour surgery would he still be dancing like that in the street??
Please have them in mind than your prayers
Yechiel Mechel Nachman ben Elka Faige. That the reattachment should work

Yosef Ben Perl
Brain injury

shaul said...

You are 100% right!
Who ever I spoke to was saying the same thing. Its bizarre the this Rebbe continued to sing and dance afterhis kids and chasidim were attacked

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple,and i think we all know it but are afraid to say it,well let me say it,most of these rebbelech have absolutely no common sense and the older they get the more nonsensical they behave,the simple reason for this is as CHAZAL teach us HABETEILAH MAIVY LEDAI SHIMUM.going around for years and years doing nothing ,not working for a living,not learning,not contributing to society,you go out of your mind from boredom and your mind and brains turns into MUSH

Unknown said...

I can't beleive all of the hate! Do you know that this rabbi gives his life away to helping people???? He would give the shirt off his back to each of his haters! All of you morons just gab gab and don't come close to one of his fingernails. At least DIN is asking because he really wants to understand (although not sure if he will get an answer-the rabbi is not surfing DIN). The rest of you just trolling. Since you don't have an answer he must be a rasha.

Anonymous said...

This rashah put hundreds of people in jail and anyone covering for him is as guilty as he is.
Most real rabbonim in monsey know the score.

Anonymous said...

In 2016 when it was revealed that Zev Brenner became a moyser to lessen his sentence for Federal tax crimes, Gannett newspapers reported that serial Satmar moyser Moses Stern was sitting with Leibish Rottenberg at his tish at 47 Forshay Rd together with the molester ex-Attorney General Schneiderman. And that another moyser (unnamed but there were many connected moysrim besides Brenner) secretly filmed bakshish passed to Schneiderman interen tish. The FBI was given the tape & was going to nail Schneiderman. Nothing happened in the end because the Shvartzas Obama-Holder would not allow such an important Democrat to be taken down just like they protected Cuomo.

If the other Yossel Neiman is behind the takedowns I wouldn't be surprised. There is a lot more there than meets the eye. There was a recent entry on DIN that gave many details about Yossel & his menuvol shvogger Potyi.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but you guys are a bunch of idiots. Why cant you understand that he had to be there for the hundred people that werent physically injured and put up a strong front and be mechazek them? What do you want, that he should sit in the waiting room of westchester hospital while the guy is undergoing emergency surgery and wouldnt even know that the rebba was there?! so he went afterwards, but I think that having a "the show must go on" mentality is a no brainer. Seriously, I know the rebba personally and is a very wise man. Stop the hate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This so called rebbe is utterly insane, driven by an insatiable quest for power. He is extremely psychologically violent through entrapment and betrayal. He severely punishes his worshippers for their faithfulness. Countless people are suffering terribly in silence as no one believes them and they are shunned for speaking up.
What a shame this pedophile wasn't stabbed.

Anonymous said...

Simcha poretz geder.

Monsey said...

DIN is a smart fellow who is often well informed, so what sayeth DIN?

1:15 am calls the Forshayer Rebbe a "pedophile"

I live in Monsey & never heard even a hint of that locally.

The Forshayer has never been mentioned or hinted to as a danger by UOJ / JCW / Follies / Ad Kan / Awareness Center

What the Forshayer has done is poskened that pedophiles like Weingarten be handed over to authorities. And despite that the Forshayer was often only seconding the same verdict by batei din in other cities & countries, it gained him enemies who preposterously scream he is a "moyser".

There are other questions about the Forshayer that I don't have an answer to like why was he sitting with Satmar scumbag "Moses" Stern when menuvol Eric Schneiderman was bribed?

Sholem said...

Anonymous: Please give more detail.
Take your time writing it, and fill in the details, so that all of us will understand, without the need to read between the lines.


Anonymous said...

Please learn the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath.

Learn how they exploit the limits of your imagination, vigilance and scrutiny, to hide in hindsight right in your face.

Harassing other pedophiles is just a minor example of a tiny tactic of the arsonist assuming the role of police and fire chief.

Learn how these vampires in sheeps clothing, these monsters behind the charming and innocently appearing infant like eyes.

The intimacy, the Elegance and charisma stemming from their inability to reflect in others or experience authentic empathy,
and the resulting artificial emotions, mere imitations from the emotions observed from others, with the artificial surpassing the vibrance and vitality of any authentic natural empathy due to the effortlessness in creating them and in intensifying them.

Pay attention to the degree and volume of trauma between his worshippers, compared to any other community but perhaps Lev Tahor.

Find out the percentage of chasidim dependant on antipsychotic meds, the percentage of marriages destroyed, the percentage of children in crisis.

(Don't!) Sit with him for an hour or two and notice how many times he publicly gossiped horrendously on his devotees, often gossiping on a to b and then to b on a.

Listen to him portraying the entire world but his family as thoroughly insane.

Listen to him claiming such outrageous stuff like,
the writings of the ball shem and his students are equal to the ten commandments (or perhaps surpassing it).

The soul of a rebbe is retrieved from a special shelf.

Listen to him repeatedly brag about his super natural abilities to remain attached to the almighty in the face of horrific tragedy while the illumination of yom tov kept him hovering above the faintest involvement in materialism keeping him emotionally clueless about the tragedy, and only when you tov passed, did he return to planet Earth in outmost shock as if he just now learned about the fire.

and now it will be about the illumination of Chanukah keeping him soaring in the seventh heaven until Chanukah passed.

Why did he proceed with the melava malka with singing and dancing?

To utilize the media exposure to market his ruach hakodesh etc super natural abilities and qualities.

So he can conquer greater masses and expand the named list of those he crippled for life by manipulating their disintegration through their fanatical worship, then abandoning them to an existence of inphatomable panic and dread.

This phyton has won the lottery with this story.
What an opportunity to market and promote the above mentioned goodly madraigos!

Who cares about the children, they are anyway only there to merely decorate the showcase windows, to erect a beautiful storefront so that the slaughterhouse behind, is effectively camouflaged.