Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Shtreimel wearing Rafi Perlstein resigns As Spokesperson to MK Omar Yankelevich

Remember when Mrs Omar Yankelevich, a Chareidie lawyer in Bet Shemesh, won a seat in the Knesset with the Blue & White party?

Well.... she hired a  "spokesperson," the newly married Rafi Perlstein, a former journalist for Yediot Jerusalem.

He resigned last night!

 Rafi Perlstein confirmed the news with the following tweet!
"At the end of the month, I will finish my duties as Knesset Spokesman for Omar Yankelevich. I am very grateful to her for trusting me, around the clock.
"I learned from her determination, modesty, and dedication"

Rumor has it that Mrs. Perlstein took one look at Mrs. Yankelevich, and told him ...... 
"it's me or the highway" 

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