Saturday, December 28, 2019

Black Guy Stabs 5 In Monsey Shul At Chaukah Party .... Suspect Arrested

Multiple people were stabbed Saturday night in a synagogue. According to reports, a black male entered Rabbi Rottenburg's Shul, located in the Forshay neighborhood 

According to reports, a black male entered Rabbi Rottenburg’s Shul, located in the Forshay neighborhood in Monsey, and pulled out a machete. He pulled off the cover and stabbed at least 5 people. One of the victims was stabbed in the chest.

Two of Rabbi Rottenburg's sons were stabbed 
The perpetrator then ran out and escaped in a vehicle. His plates were spotted before he left, and  police have arrested him ....

Two victims are in critical condition, according to Reuters. At least one of those injured was reportedly stabbed in the chest. 

A local resident tweeted,
 "Please say tehillim for Yosef ben Perel and Shlomo ben Vittel." 

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And Frum News Report put out a message to, "Please pray for 71 year-old Rabbi Yossel Neiman, who was critically injured by 2 machete wielding terrorists in an anti-Semitic attack in #Monsey, NY this evening."

An editor for the Jewish website The Forward, Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt,  spoke with someone on the scene who described the situation as follows:
 "The perpetrator came into the rabbi’s house, started stabbing people. Someone took a small table, threw it at him & chased him out. He ran next door to the synagogue, but they blocked the door & he couldn’t get in. He turned around & ran, jumped into a car."
OJPAC took the description further on Twitter:
 "One of the victims was stabbed at least 6 times. The fifth/least severe case had a cut in his hand. Perp left in a vehicle with tag number  HPT-5757 per the person who saw it and we confirmed it with him directly (but it was dark and rushed.) a Gray Nissan Sentra.
"2 of the victims of the attack were taken into hospital as critical," the Twitter thread continued. "The perp's face was partially covered with a scarf but skin showed him to be an African American."Hatzalah is on scene and are treating the victims.
Suspect Arrested

A possible suspect has been arrested from a vehicle matching the description of the one used to escape the synagogue where five people were wounded Saturday night New York time in a stabbing attack at what is known as Rabbi Rottenburg’s Shul, located in the Forshay neighborhood in Monsey.
A police official told local media that a possible suspect and a vehicle had been located by the New York Police Department (NYPD) in the 32nd Precinct, which serves the northeastern portion of Harlem.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo responded to the attack on Sunday morning, saying that he was "horrified" by the stabbing, "the latest in a string of attacks against members of the Jewish community in New York this week."
"On behalf of the family of New York, my heart goes out to the victims and I am praying for their full recovery," said Cuomo. "This was a despicable and cowardly act, and I am directing the State Police hate crimes task force to immediately investigate and to use every tool available to hold the attacker accountable to the fullest extent of the law."
"Let me be clear: antisemitism and bigotry of any kind are repugnant to our values of inclusion and diversity and we have absolutely zero tolerance for such acts of hate. In New York, we will always stand up and say with one voice to anyone who wishes to divide and spread fear: you do not represent New York and your actions will not go unpunished," added the governor.
In response to news of the stabbing attack, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson wrote on Twitter, "This is absolutely horrible. Much more needs to be done immediately to keep Jewish communities safe."
Similarly, Congressman Ted Deutch condemned the incident, saying that, "This horrific violence against the Jewish community must be confronted by everyone in America." New York State Attorney-General Letitia James tweeted, "There is zero tolerance for acts of hate of any kind and we will continue to monitor this horrific situation. I stand with the Jewish community tonight and every night."
Also, Dov Hikind, a former New York State assemblyman, tweeted, "An attack on one Jew, is an attack on all Jews.
"We are in route to the scene to be there to stand with the community and to do whatever we can to be of assistance," he concluded.
Former US Special Envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, reacted strongly: "Horrible!!!" he tweeted, and then called called on people to "pray for the wounded of this & the other recent attacks upon Jews in NY this week."
Chizhik-Goldschmidt added: "There are no words to describe the anxiety of this moment." 

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Thinkingyid said...

Jews in monsey have no chance at defending themselves! We need to do something about it to change that! Maybe start with supporting gun laws and rights for jews in monsey!!