Monday, December 30, 2019

Le'Kovoid Chanukah .... How Candy Cane is made!

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Anonymous said...

No wonder this video starts half way into the process and shows everything besides the sugar involved here in animalistic proportions.
Why ? Very simple: They just don't want you to see it.

No normal human being was ever designed to ingest such high quantity of sugar. This heavy sugar intake provokes digestive disorders, breathing disorders, teeths and skin disorders, growth disorders, sleeping disorders, health disorders, concentration disorders, education disorders, sociability disorders, and much more, to children and to adults. It endangers life.

Anyone who produces and/or sells this poison, standard or kosher, should be faced with criminal charges.

Kratz Mich said...

Abizryehu d'avoda zara

the red is symbolic of Yoshkie's blut and the curve shape also has significance in Xtian beliefs

Shame on the gelt-hungrik OU for certifying