Saturday, December 28, 2019

Aviatar Azarzar, an 18-year-old Former Chareidie Who Went Missing Found Shot to Death

Aviatar Azarzar, an 18-year-old who went missing a couple of weeks ago, was found on Friday, dead with bullet wounds across his chest, in the civilian cemetery in Ramat Hasharon.
Azarzar left his family and moved to live alone in Bnei Brak three years prior. The circumstances of his murder are still unclear, but he is believed to have been brought there in an exercise titled "Little Red Riding Hood" and there, he was murdered.

The bullet wounds on his chest raise suspicion that this was a criminal incident. He was found lying down, unconscious, in a pit several meters into an open field near the cemetery.
Medics who were called to the cemetery pronounced him dead.
The police have been looking for Azarzar for two weeks. A ZAKA volunteer was passing through the cemetery on his tractor when he found a motorcycle thrown on the side of the path. When he neared it, he noticed the body. He understood that this is the missing person that the police have been looking for and immediately reported that he believes he found Azarzar.
Police opened an investigation immediately into the circumstances of his murder. They are additionally investigating the identity of the motorcycle owner.

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