Saturday, December 14, 2019

How the Jersey City Community Got Together to help For Shabbos


Anonymous said...

Good thing that Willy Rapfogel & Dovid Cohen aren't around the Met Council anymore to line their filthy pockets with the money used to help these nitzrochim.

Have these shameless bums been showing their thieving punims in shul? I know that before Cohen reported to prison he couldn't show his face so he sent his son around Lawrence dropping a baloney story that his father was confined to home because had fallen down the stairs & was suffering from "swelling of the brain"

Anonymous said...

Dovid Cohen is a penny pinching putz! Before he was arrested as a crook he trotted out an excuse to stop davening in the Harborview shul where the membership fees are very expensive & started davening in someone's basement with 20 guys where it's free.