Thursday, December 26, 2019

iPhone 11 Pro .......VS ....... $7500 Pro DSLR Camera . Guess Which is Which?


Bundler said...

A great excuse to buy an iPhone for $1,449 while they are going out of business. And staying afloat by selling less and less phones but at higher and higher prices. Go figure.

Don't cults do the same thing? Bundle their "products" to provide excuses to followers, to keep following blindly into sheol tachtas (depths and debts of hell)?

Anonymous said...

Pretend he was comparing a canon slr to a Samsung S10 or S11 which is coming in s few weeks.

Anonymous said...

The S10 and 11 is a similar bundle. Mostly a status (wannabe) symbol. With enough great features, to deny to yourself it's really only about status. Samsung is also cashing in by chasing the iPhone "ambulance in traffic". Metaphorically and literally.

And Android is the future for now. You can buy a great Samsung in Walmart for $50. Then with the money in the bank not spent on main stream (following the herd) status, you can buy yourself some real status. A much faster hamster wheel, to catch up with the people above you. Go figure.