Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Family Forcibly Remove Chareidie Kallah MINUTES Before Her Chuppah Takes Place

A Chareidi Kallah who was supposed to get married on Monday at her Chuppah in a high-class event hall in Ashkelon, was whisked away from the hall after she had arrived for the wedding photoshoot. It is suspected that she was whisked away from the wedding by family members who did not approve of the marriage.
Family members told BeChadrei Charedim that the Chosson “deceived the Kallah”, which caused her father and other family members to staunchly oppose the marriage. The family members added that the Kallah was forcibly removed from the wedding hall by her family, even though she wanted to marry the Chosson.
According to sources the father of the Kallah had demanded at the wedding that he enroll in a Kollel following the wedding, and not begin his planned work as a bus driver. This led to an argument, and the family of the kallah taking her home.
One of the guests told BeChadrei Charedim: “This is simply outrageous. Here we are at the event hall together with all of the other invited guests, the band is here, the tables are set, and no one knows if the wedding was actually going to take place.”
According to a report on channel 12 news, the Chosson’s family refuted viral claims on social media that the Chosson was involved in any misconduct. 
Instead, member’s of the Chosson’s family claim that the father of the Kallah wanted the Chosson to stay in Yeshiva. When he refused, the Kallah’s family ended the wedding by forcibly removing the Kallah.

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Joe Magdeburger said...

And what is so disgraceful about beig a bus driver? I hope they elope and serve G-d on their terms and not under the duress of a gangster family