Thursday, December 12, 2019

Trump’s Support Among Orthodox Jews Has Risen from 54% to 89%

Nine in ten Orthodox Jews say that they support President Donald Trump, according to a poll released Wednesday by Ami Magazine. Moreover, that support appears to have risen dramatically since Election Day in 2016.
Though the numbers from different polls are not strictly comparable, Jake Turx, the White House correspondent for Ami, notes that they confirm anecdotal evidence that Trump not only won a majority of Orthodox Jews in 2016, but has worked hard to expand his support within the community by fulfilling his campaign promises.
The Jewish community as a whole tends to vote Democratic. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, more than 75% of Jewish voters supported Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections, up from roughly 70% who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 (versus 25% for Trump).
However, Trump’s support among Orthodox Jews suggests that among those most committed to the Jewish community and Jewish issues, Trump is building support.
Turx writes:
According to a survey conducted by the American Jewish Committee, 54% of Orthodox Jews said that they voted for Trump in 2016. One year into his presidency, 71% of Orthodox Jews supported him, and that was before he commuted the sentence of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Then in 2018, in a Tri-State-area poll commissioned by Ami Magazine, 82% of respondents said that they would vote for Trump in 2020. And as this year’s Ami poll reveals, support for the president has now hit a whopping 89%. What this upward trajectory makes abundantly clear is that more and more Orthodox Jews are fans of the 45th president of the United States.
Turx concludes: “It is support that he has rightfully earned because of three years of hard work and genuine results.”


Avi Weiss said...

My Open Schmorthodox boys are very angry right now at Turx for not putting Liberalism before Yiddishkeit.

DIN Gets Results said...

It would appear that Fat Nadler hasn't been very persuasive. The NY Times is going beserk that Democrats in the House are starting to mutiny against him & Adam little Schitt and will vote against impeachment. According to the report, one Democrat is even going to be converting to a Republican this week.