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Day Yoimie Snippets ... Chullin Dafim 103,104, 105,106,107,108, & 109

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

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צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 

''דף ק''ג ''איסור בשר בחלב
Page 103  Mesectas Chullin  
The eight chapter of Mesactas Chullin starts with this daf, called "Kol Habasar," "all meats!" This entire chapter deals with the Biblical prohibition of "meat & milk." 

The Torah writes:
לא תבשל גדי בחלב אמו
"One should not cook a goat in her mother's milk."

Examining the verse, one would naturally conclude that the Torah only prohibits the act of cooking the goat with its mother's milk, nothing else, the rabbis, however  actually deduced three different prohibitions with meat & milk from this very verse!

(1) Cooking meat and milk together,
(2) Eating meat that was cooked with milk
(3) Benefiting  from milk and meat that was cooked together!

The rabbis also made clear, that the prohibition does not only apply with cooking a goat with milk, but this prohibition applies to all meat of kosher animals and to all milk from kosher animals.

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''דף ק''ד ''כל האומר דבר בשם אומרו 
Page 104  Mesectas Chullin  
''Reporting Something In The Name of The One Who Said It"

On this daf theTalmud discusses the known dictum:
כל האומר דבר בשם אומרו מביא גאולה לעולם
"Whoever reports something in the name of the one who said it, brings redemption to the world."

If one is stating a halacha, or a dvar Torah, or hears good news, he has an obligation to reveal who was the one he heard it from; the source!

We learn this from Esther Hamalkah. When her uncle, Mordechai, told her that he heard Bigsan and Seresh plotting to kill King Achashveirosh, she told him that Mordechai "the Jew" told her of the plot.

It was because of the fact that Esther related that it was Mordechai who told her that, King Achasveirosh made Haman lead the horse that Mordecchai sat on ... and this is how the redemption to the Jews eventually evolved!

Yom Purim Samayach!

''דף ק''ה ''ריבוי נכסים 
Page 105 Mesectas Chullin  
''Protecting One's Property"
The rabbis on this daf advise people to visit property that they own to ascertain that everything is in order!

Abaye would inspect his properties every day! 
One day as he was inspecting, he met one of the workers that was stealing wood from the property. Abaye confronted him and asked where he was bringing the wood? He lied and said that he was bringing it to the owner. Abaye then replied "it was because I listened to the advise of the rabbis to be vigilant inspecting my property, I was successful in catching you in the act."

The Talmud relates that Rav Yoisi also followed the advice of the rabbis and inspected his property on a daily basis. It happened that he started wondering why this was necessary... since he never saw or experienced any damage.
One day as he was inspecting the property he noticed a hole in one of the water pipes and water was gushing out, putting his entire crop in danger of getting flooded. He immediately removed his shirt, placed it over the hole and yelled for help. Passersby that heard his screams ran to fix the hole, and Rav Yoisi was saved from a major catastrophe.

''דף ק''ו ''הזלזול בתקנה שהוביל לעברה 
Page 106 Mesectas Chullin  
''Making Light Of A Rabbinical Decree Leads To Sin"
The rabbis decreed that one must wash their hands before eating bread. 
Rav Dimi related, that because a certain person wasn't vigilant in this rabbinical decree he wound up eating pork.

It happened that a Jew owned a restaurant that sold kosher as well as non kosher meat. 
When Jewish people entered his establishment he made sure to feed them kosher meat only, but when gentiles would come in he fed them treif.
One day a person walked into the restaurant but didn't wash for bread; assuming that this person wasn't Jewish, the owner fed him pork.

''דף ק''ז ''פרוסת לחם למלצר 
Page 107 Mesectas Chullin  
''Handing Bread To A Waiter"
The rabbis stated that a guest shouldn't offer a slice of bread to a waiter while the waiter is holding a drink, or shouldn't offer a slice of bread to the host if the host is holding a drink. Because this can lead to something unpleasant.

For example: A host who is holding a drink notices that the guest is offering food to someone else may be worried that he doesn't have enough food for his guests and will drop his drink because of his worry....
The waiter holding a drink may drop it if someone offers him a slice of bread... because he will get confused.

''דף ק''ח ''מצות מצוירות 
Page 108 Mesectas Chullin  
''Matzos With A Design"
"Matzos Serikin" are matzos that have a design on them.....
The rabbis forbade baking matzos for Pesach that have any design on them ... the design was made by putting a design on the dough by an artist before placing it into the oven!
The reason the rabbis prohibited it was that spending time on making the proper design would put the dough in danger of becoming Chametz!

The Talmud relates that Bysis ben Zonin perfected a mechanism that had a design on a seal that would make an imprint unto the dough and would only take a second.

People went to ask the rabbis if they would permit this method, because according to Bysis ben Zonin, this dough would never become chametz ...since the design on the dough didn't need an artist, it was already embedded in the seal ...
The rabbis nixed this idea, because they reasoned that people wouldn't necessarily know the matza with the design  was made with this method and they would think that any design on a matzah is permitted even one done by hand by an artist!

''דף ק''ט ''טעם אסור ..מותר 
Page 109 Mesectas Chullin  
''The Flavor of Foods Permitted and Those  Not Permitted"
The wife of Rav Nachman told him that for every prohibited food, Hashem created an equivalent food that is permitted!

For example .... The Torah prohibited us from consuming blood but He permitted us to eat liver that has the taste of blood.

The Torah prohibited us from eating the fats of a domesticated animal such as a cow or a goat, but permitted the fats of a deer or a wild ram.

The Torah prohibited us from eating a bird called 'Geirusah" but permitted us to eat a kosher fish that is named "Kavrah" whose tongue tastes like "Geirusah."

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