Sunday, March 31, 2019

Dayanim rush a divorce deal to allow a Chareidie Man marry another man!

The man had just 'come out' but has already met his new life partner and wanted to join him abroad quickly; Rabbinical judges were torn between indirectly supporting gay marriage, and leaving the man's wife a 'chained' women as her husband flies to Italy to unite with new lover.

Rabbinical judges were baffled by a recent case they had to rule on, when a man asked them to quickly grant him a divorce from his wife — so he can go abroad and join his new male partner.

The man, who is religious and a father of several children, walked in to the Netanya Rabbinate office in early March and asked for an urgent divorce — “right this instance.”

When the Rabbinate’s team inquired about the urgency of the matter, the man revealed he had recently “came out of the closet” and found a male partner who lives in Italy — who now awaits him there.

The Rabbis had fierce discussions and were torn whether their approval of the divorce means they will be indirectly supporting a homosexual relationship, forbidden by religious law.

Finally, fearing that the man’s wife will remain a "chained" women, bound in marriage until granted a divorce document that according to Jewish law can only be given by the husband, the Rabbinate approved the divorce.

“My lover is waiting for me there and he said that if I don’t get a divorce today — he’ll leave me,” said the man who sought to end his marriage. He added that he intends to leave Israel for Italy to marry his new partner.

“I have to divorce my wife since I don’t want to ruin her life. She’s a very religious women and we have children,” the man explained, referring to the consequence of him leaving the country without a formal divorce leaving his wife unable to remarry.
 The Rabbinical judges, fearing the man will leave the country if they don’t act immediately, quickly called in a scribe to write the divorce document. They even went as far as postponing other discussions they had scheduled for that day.
An hour after his arrival, the man was already divorced from his wife in accordance with Jewish laws and customs — and was off to the airport, to be united with his new love


Philly Yeshiva 2, Public Safety 0 said...

The holistic gang of goyim who showed up for an anti-vaxx civil disobedience sit in at the Palisades Mall were joined by some idiots with yarmulkas. And if that wasn't enough of a chilul Hashem, the Rockland County Health Dept is complaining that some of the heimishe who they even caught with the measles are completely uncooperative, they will not even divulge which shuls & fress gesheften they visited so that others can be protected.

Anonymous said...

מרשעים יצא רשע
Isn't that rabbanut part of the main rabbanut where shloma Gruntchik the matir mamzerim was the chief rabbR? What else are you expecting from the Zionist amalekin?

Anonymous said...

"The man, who is religious" How you can you describe him as religious? He should learn what the Torah says about his behavior. Religious means G-d fearing and keeping His laws.

Anonymous said...

They didn't rush so he could do that, they rushed so his wife wouldn't be an agunah.