Monday, March 25, 2019

R' Aviezer Piltz Wants Segregated Buses Says "Even Nazis’ understood need to separate men and women"

Israel is at war, and this "Gadol" has only one thing on his mind.....'s a world gone totally mad!!!

Comparing Nazis that murdered over 6 million of his brothers and sisters to the Zionists who built with their own raw hands the country that he eats and craps in!
So what is his idea to get voters to vote for the Frum parties?
A safe Israel?????
Ha ha ha ha ha 
Seriously..... to be mekareiv his brothers and sisters so they embrace Torah ...
Are you flying to the moon on Bereishit?
They don't give two hoots about their brothers and sisters >>>
So tell me ... I'm dying... what's his idea to get other frummies to vote for the religious parties?
Making sure that there are separate buses for ladies and men!!!
And to prove his point... he says that even the Nazis were frum about this... 
they made sure to murder the men and women separately! 
So Chaneleh ..... do we still have any wine left over from Purim??? I need a drink !!

A prominent ultra-Orthodox rabbi speaking at the launch of the United Torah Judaism election campaign on Sunday compared Israel unfavorably to Nazi Germany over the Jewish state’s failure to recognize the importance of separating men and women in public.
Speaking at the event in the well-known Lederman Synagogue in Bnei Brak, Rabbi Aviezer Piltz, a prominent figure in UTJ and head of the religious seminary Yeshivat Toshia in the southern village of Tifrah, delivered a fiery speech on the importance of separate-gender seating on public buses.
“Start to organize, to ride separately,” he urged his listeners, then explained that the principle was so fundamental that even the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust obeyed this policy.
“Even the Nazis, may their names be erased, understood that there has to be separate housing for women and men, but here [in Israel] it’s forbidden!”

Forcing men and women to sit separately on Israeli public buses is illegal, but ultra-Orthodox towns maintain private bus routes within and between major Haredi communities in which men sit at the front and women in the back.

Rabbi Aviezer Filtz, a prominent figure in the United Torah Judaism party and head of the religious seminary Yeshivat Toshia in the southern town of Tifrah, speaks at a party campaign event at the Lederman Synagogue in Bnei Brak, March 23, 2019. (Video screen capture/Maariv website)
Filtz went on to praise activists in the ultra-Orthodox world working to ensure that separate-seating bus lines are available, but warned darkly that the Israeli “regime” was plotting to shut them down.
“Thank goodness there are those who stand in the breach, who stand against it! But the regime plots,” he said.
A video of Filtz’s statement was recorded by Israel Cohen, a journalist with the ultra-Orthodox radio station Kol Barama. It was carried by the Maariv news site on Sunday, credited to Cohen.
UTJ leader MK Moshe Gafni also spoke at the event, telling activists, “We have two critical weeks [before the April 9 election] to protect everything. Those who want to hurt everything we believe in could come to power,” he warned, likely in reference to Blue and White party no. 2 Yair Lapid, founder of the secularist Yesh Atid party.
“If we don’t want to weep after the fact, we have two weeks to act, and to vote only for United Torah Judaism.”


anonymous said...

The name is Piltz

Funny Stange said...

1:57 In Hebrew it's Filtz..... but I updated it thanks

jancsibacsi said...

This rebbe is in a timewarp he thinks he is in a small polish or galicianer village someone wake him up from his stupor

Anonymous said...

criminally insane ignorant savages,what a RASHA MERUSHA to dare comparing MEDINAS YIOSROEL to the Nazi's yemach shemom,this filthy swine should be locked up in insane asylum or better yet deport him to his friends in Gaza

cyrano said...

Many Gedoilay Yisroel in their younger years rode the NY City subway which was, and still is completely unsegregated. To make an issue of this in Israel is stupid. To even merely make a reference to Nazis in passing is horrible.

anonymous said...

No 3:16, in Hebrew it's also Piltz . Did they teach you the letter "Pay" in yeshiva, or only Fay?!

Funny Stange said...

So why don't you put a Pey in the name Fisher???

Anonymous said...

The Nazis may have had separate departments in their camps for men and women, but they did not segregate men and women in the cattle cars transporting them to the camps, so the analogy is way off.

Anonymous said...

You are free to disagree with Rav Piltz, but I would be very careful before referring to him in the manner in which you did. He is a world-class talmid chochom, a person who has devoted his entirely life to studying and disseminating Torah, and a person who has helped thousands of people in times of need.
Disagreement is fine, disrespect is not.

Dusiznies said...

A Talmud Chochom who compares Jews to Nazis in a public forum should be publicly humiliated ... absolutely !
Just because he is as you call him a "world-class talmid chochom" that doesn't give the license to speak like a fool.....and to lie! The Nazis did not separate the genders in the cattle cars .... and isn't that what he meant? That the genders should travel separately?
My parents were on those cattle cars and I'll bet dollars to donuts that his parents were bar-b-que ing pastrami at a picnic while my grandparents travelled "mixed" to their deaths...
Shame on you and the "world-class talmid chochom"!
and FYI it was "world-class talmidei chochom" that joined Korach in his rebellion ...

Anonymous said...

As you wish, of course. You're free to act any way you prefer and ignore what chazal have taught us about respecting Talmidei Chachomim (they too were aware that TC can sometimes be mistaken).

You're not the only one whose parents suffered from the Nazi's. My father was born in Germany and his entire family was wiped out. Spare me the righteous indignation.

There are consequences for your behavior as you must know. You did study the Daf apparently so you must have encountered some of what Chazal have said on the subject. Ignore it all at your own peril.

Dusiznies said...

I'm also aware what Chazal say about Talmedei Chachumim that are fools
The Medrish on the first pasuk in Parshas Tzav says
תלמוד חכם שאין בו דעת כנבילה
meforshim ask ...." how can a תלמוד חכם not have דעת?"
Answer: Rabbi Piltz is the quintessential example

Anonymous said...

So says an anonymous blogger on the basis of a statement made by Rav Piltz.
Not very smart.

GP said...

Israel is at war with who? Do you know what a war is? Some teenagers with tires is a war? If you are going to be a hysterical child, you can't have your own country. Be a man, OK?