Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Herschel Gluck Runs to Comfort The Openly Anti-Semite Corbyn After Someone Threw an Egg At Corbyn In a Mosque!

Herschel Gluck posing with Corbyn and other anti-Semites
Smiling like a "chulent bundel"

Guys you haven't heard anything until you read about this "farikteh upgeresiner" mashiginer! 

Herschel Gluck, who should be working on a float in Belgium,  ran like the bloody fool that he is, comfort James Corbyn,........ a Jew Hater who recently placed a wreath at a  monument for Palestinian terrorists, that murdered 11 Israeli athletes, and who calls Hamas and Hezbollah leaders, his friends!!!!

What happened???
Did Corbyn get bashed in the head by a brick????
Did someone slap Corbyn silly until his eyeballs popped out?
Did members of his family drop dead????
Listen to this....... are you guys sitting???????

Corbyn the British leader of the Labour party was in   Mosque....
let that sink in for a few seconds ...

Again, Corbyn was in a Mosque ... not to daven mincha, but to spew hate against Jews and Israel .....
and suddenly someone who had enough of the hate shpritzing  out of Corbyn's filthy sewer that he calls a mouth,.....
 threw an egg at him!!!
No .....not a stone .... not a knife..... not a shtender......
an egg!!!!

So this dumb fool with his "groiser boord" dashed to his side to comfort him ...and "lek his tuchis."
and listen what this mashiginar Gluck told reporters:
"I do not think Corbyn “is responsible for anti-Semitic rhetoric in Labour.”.......

I'm so happy Purim is around the corner...
pass me a drink quick .......
With Jewish friends like Ezra Friedlander and now this dope Heshy Gluck talking to reporters who needs spokesmen for the BDS and Nazis ...???? 

Jeremy Corbyn was hit with an egg while visiting a London mosque, an incident that brought little sympathy from critics of the embattled British Labour Party leader — but an unlikely assist from an Orthodox Jewish first responder.

Corbyn, uninjured when he was hit from behind, continued on with his planned activities for the annual Visit My Mosque Day. But the incident gave critics a chance to unload yet again on Corbyn, who British Jewish leaders accuse of being an anti-Semite — for sympathizing with anti-Israel causes and Hamas members in the past as well as not doing enough to root out anti-Semites from the party.
Rabbi Herschel Gluck, the 61-year-old head of London’s Shomrim Jewish security force, wasn’t laughing. Gluck rushed to the scene to comfort Corbyn and implore him to start using security guards for protection.

Gluck, a haredi Orthodox Jew who sports a dense white beard and a broad black hat, said he was called to the Finsbury Park Mosque immediately after the incident by Muslim community leaders with whom he works frequently on “issues of mutual concern.”
Corbyn “was very shaken,” Gluck told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.
“Understandably because this time it was an egg, next time it could be a knife,” the rabbi said. “He has no security. I told him this should change, offered words of comfort and sat down with him for a while to get everything back to an equilibrium. I think he was glad to speak. He seemed genuinely happy to speak to me.”
The Labour leader in 2009 invited Hamas and Hezbollah representatives to the British Parliament, calling them his “friends.” 
He has repeatedly called for boycotting Israel and in 2013 defended an anti-Semitic mural. In 2014, Corbyn placed a wreath on a monument for Palestinian terrorists who murdered 11 Israeli athletes and coaches at the Munich Olympic Games. And in 2015, he said that British-born “Zionists” don’t understand English irony.
Corbyn has dismissed suggestions that his leadership of Labour since 2015 has turned the party from what once was the political home of British Jews to a movement in which thousands of cases of anti-Semitic rhetoric are recorded each year.
As for Gluck, he says he does not think that Corbyn “is responsible for anti-Semitic rhetoric in Labour.”
“I think Mr. Corbyn could and should more to stop it,” the rabbi said. “But I don’t think he is causing the anti-Semitism.”

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Ma Rabbi said...

Its a shame Corbyn was not hit by a solid rock.
Hershel Gluck is a suck up.