Tuesday, March 5, 2019

UN Agency Supported The Belgium Anti-Semitic Hate Parade ..... Time To Go Home!

......The Floats were clearly meant to look like the famous Belgian Charachter Yid Nuchem Shtisel, From The Shtisel Series 
"Reshoim Arurim!....."

Floats with “Hasidic” men with their “long noses” on them passed by thousands of people with no one raising their voices in protest. The “Jews” were sitting on money bags, and had a rat next to them.

So..... Guys... What are the Holy Rabbis advising European Jews now????? Hmmmmmm?

I'm sure they are saying in the "shalosh Seudah toirelich"  ....
 "Stay where you are .... Hitler will never get here, it's only a phase."
So let's continue to support the Reshoim Arurim!..... and run to Lizensk, Krestir, Vaaaaaaarshah and Krooookeh !
Continue to support the bloody European murderers ....

Remember guys ... you were warned!!
Remember what you guys .... with Talis' with wide atarois over your heads .....parrot three times daily but don't mean and don't really want!
  וקבצינו יחד מהרה מארבע כנפות הארץ

If you guys won't be coming voluntarily, the RBSH"O will find ways to bring you to 🇮🇱 some other way and it won't be pretty....

The Aalst carnival was included in UNESCO’s list of intangible world heritage in 2010. It’s origin dates back to the Middle Ages. The festival is supported by UNESCO. The Facebook page of the far right group “DeVismooiln” who are behind the parade has been removed.
The parade is paid for by the Aslst community.
The press release put out by the head of the main Jewish organization of Belgian Jewry (CCOJB) reads (translated):
The Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations of Belgium (CCOJB) and the Forum der Joodse Organisaties (FJO) join forces to express their anger and misunderstanding at the puppets of Jews with hooked noses and the chests full of money that marched during Carnival of Aalst. At best, it is a disgraceful lack of discernment, especially given the rising context of anti-Semitism in our country and the world, at worst the reproduction of antisemitic caricatures worthy of the Nazi era. We have reported these elements to Unia and are going to contact the organizers and the competent authorities to accompany our denunciation of concrete acts for the coming years.

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