Sunday, March 24, 2019

Litvisheh DEGEL Party Starts Campaign With Attack Against Ganz ... Saying "Even the Nazis Separated The Men From the Women"

Now... I'm no fan of Ganz & Lapid ..... and I hope they lose! 
Having said that .... I have to say that all the frum parties are going to lose seats because the "oilem" are no longer"goilem" 
they will probably secretly vote for Likkud!  
Absolutely ...
Why do I think so???

Take for example, the picture I posted of last night's kinnus to launch the Degel Party 2019!
Sitting "oiven uhn" is R' Chaim Kanivsky and Rav Edelstein and many other "gedoilim." 
What were they listening to?
To a crazed fanatical "asken" barking against the "Blue/White" Party of Ganz & Lapid! 

So DIN... are you upset with that?

Listen guys ... you don't have to be interested in Israeli politics to watch the inmates in charge of the asylum going bonkers!

We have mucho problems in Israel, B"H ... that we need to straighten out ...

Yet here is  a mashiginer who gets up to bark and complain that Ganz/Lapid want that men and women tם  mix (I have no idea where) ..... and then say that even the Nazis before they murdered the Jews, separated them by gender .....

I wonder if I just heard that correctly! ...
No he didn't talk about Chillul Shabbos.... nope ...not even about "gius" nope...
Something about men and women mixing>>>>
Crazy stuff! 

What's crazier is .... that the "gedoilim" were listening to this incoherent craziness and saying nothing!!!

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