Thursday, March 7, 2019

Satmar Cheder In Bnei Brak Train Their Young in “Hafganah” Against Elections

The photos  were taken yesterday at the Satmar Cheder in Bnei Brak. The children were dressed in sackcloth, and were trained in the chants  “Vai Geshrai” – the “Ge’Vaaald!” which is customary to be used in protests.
I'm asking you guys .... think about this for a minute ....
They scream that the Zionists are "Reshoim Arurim" yet they have an opportunity to oust them in elections..... on the other hand they have a problem, because their late leader and founder of the Satmar dynasty prohibited his followers from voting in any elections in Israel ........
Isn't this logic insane ????
Now they are filling the heads and brainwashing their precious children, the "tenokis shel bais rabban" with this filthy garbage! 

The Cheder was protesting the upcoming national elections.
BTW ... the Satmar Cheder is sitting on land provided free by the Zionists that they curse!!

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Yes just continue to platz