Sunday, March 10, 2019

Shvartzer Pastor Is "Mechyeh Meisim" Brings a dead Guy To Life!!


Anonymous said...

Dus iz lies.
What's the purpose of showing this?
"the church is backtracking on the "miracle", claiming that the man was already alive when the pastor got to the premises."

Funny Stange said...

Hey mashiginer ..... you really believe that I believe that some shvartzer drek can be "mechayeh Meisim?"
I'm having some fun?....relax......
Purim is around the corner!

Frum but normal said...

See no difference between this fake phony and fraud,and our very own frauds,all kind of
so called Rebbes,Babas,Mekubalim who take advantage of ignorant and gullible zhlobs,all of them should be run out of town or better yet given long prison sentences