Thursday, March 7, 2019

Neturei Karta Try To Visit With Muslim Anti-Semite Rep Omar in Washington DC....... She Refuses To Meet With Her "Uninvited Guests" UPDATED!!


So now we got an updated account to what happened with these disgusting barbarians... called Neturei Karta !

They first went to meet the anti-Semite Rep Ilhan Omar, but she refused to meet them saying according to NBC, that Ilhan “did not and has no plans to” meet with her uninvited guests.

She apparently hates them too because at the end of the day.... Omar considers them Jews .... 

Snubbed like the losers that are, they went to try to meet the other Jew hating Arab, Rep Rashida Tlaib' ... where again they were told to basically "go to hell!"

But there in the office they met up with Ariel Gold who happened to be in Rashida Tlaib's office because she is a "Code Pink" activist and was in Tlaib's office to help her double down on  Rep Omar's hateful anti-Israel rhetoric!

And it was Ariel Gold that was in that picture and  tweeted the photo with the smelly Jewish savages, but later when she found out who they were, she deleted the tweet ...but the Neturei Karta guys were thrilled to be in close proximity with the "Voluptuous" Klavteh!!


Anonymous said...

She is voluptuous. Are they going to take turns?

Anonymous said...

They say they don't want a Jewish state because halacha forbids it but they have take a picture with a sheigitz?