Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Satmar Activist Shraga Stern Writes Open letter To The Sunday Times That "Corbyn is not an anti-Semite”

This Satmar snake that calls himself "Shraga Stern" managed to convince 12 Holocaust survivors to sign a letter published in the London Sunday Times, that the openly anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn "is not an anti-Semite!" 

How low do these Satmar savages go??
Their hate for Israel runs so deep, that they will take a guy who would, if given the chance, destroy the Satmar community as well and they pander to him, only because he hates Israel....
The entire English population recognizes that Jeremy Corbyn in an avowed anti-Semite ....yet these uneducated fools tuches lekk this cursed wanna be Nazi!

This Capo, by the way, gets paid by the Corbyn liberals and serves as a  liaison to the Chareidie community! 

Looking closely at his ugly hate filled face , one can detect traces of similarities to Mengele ym"s!
כן יאבדו כל אויבך ה'

13 holocaust survivors sign letter supporting the embattled Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The noteworthy message was prominently published in the Sunday Times.
London, England – This past Sunday, the British newspaper The Sunday Times published a letter signed by 13 holocaust survivors in which they defend Jeremy Corbyn’s record and declare that he is a friend and ally of the Jewish people.The extraordinary letter came on the heels of the announcement by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, that it will investigate the Labor party’s response to cries of antisemitism in their ranks and whether it complied with British equality laws.
In the letter, the survivors write that “if any [antisemitism] exists within the party, it is minimal and is no more prevalent than in any other political party.” Furthermore, the writers claim that Corbyn has in fact been a supporter of Jewish causes. Among other notable measures, he has assisted members of the Jewish community in many sensitive areas, such as avoiding autopsies, protecting Jewish burial areas and was also instrumental in bringing Jewish families from Yemen to Great Britain.
In conclusion of the letter, the writers note that “the real current threat to Jewish life in the UK is the anti-religious education policies being relentlessly pursued by Ofsted.” They continue “To our chagrin, they receive full backing from these so-called Anglo-Jewish leadership organizations, together with certain secularist groups, which display no compunction in discriminating against people with religious beliefs.”
The man behind the letter is the noted London activist, R’ Shrage Stern who serves as a liaison between the Jewish community and Mr. Corbyn, and is also one of the leading voices in the fight to protect Chareidi Chinuch.
One Chareidi leader commented to Israeli website B’chadrei Chareidim that the letter received significant buzz in the community due to the fact that over a dozen holocaust survivors came to Mr. Corbyn’s defenses. He also alluded to Corbyn’s contentious relationship with Israel by saying “Corbyn is a fighter on behalf of Palestinian rights but he is not an enemy of the Jewish people. To the contrary, he supported and continues to support Jews and Judaism and he is a longtime friend of the Chareidi community.”
It should be noted that earlier this year, 30 prominent Chareidi Rabbis posted a letter in support of Jeremy Corbyn. The letter was written in response to comments made by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of Britain. Rabbi Sacks had previously made an appearance on British TV in which he sharply attacked the Labor party and its leadership, and also warned that they are causing many Jews to question if they can continue living in the country.
“We were shocked to learn about those that are claiming in the media that the Jews of Britain are outraged towards the Labour Party’s respected leader, Jeremy Corbyn,” read the letter. “We therefore feel necessary to clarify that we have no connection whatsoever with these irresponsible remarks,” continued the document that was signed among others by leaders of Bobov, Belz, Vizhnitz and Satmar.


Anonymous said...

May they both soon become a "Korban"(corbyn)

Frum but normal said...

Well what do expect from this filthy KAPO SNAKE ,why should he be better than his so called Rebbe the filthy Jew hating KAPO bastard Aron TeielBum yemach shemo,who as you remmember ,when the P.M of Israel was here a couple of years ago to be congress not to let Hussein Obama sign that disastrous murderous nuclear deal with Iran who promised to wipe Israel and its six and half million Jews of the face of the earth,this gangster this HAMAN this RASHA MERUSHA had the mayor of Kyryas Joel write letters to all the New York house and senate representatives and instructed them to support Obama and not listen what Israel has to say,
This filthy Kapo bastard is a thousand times worse than the Jewish KAPOS during the holocaust,because at least those poor souls we can understand why they did it,as they tried to save their lives and families,but this MESHUGANA murderous Kapo bastard who sits in America FRESSES Steak every day flies with private jets three times a year on vacations and as they say in YIDDISH ""EHR LEBTZECH A CHAZERISHE LEBEN" why did he do it ?

chusid101 said...

This is a product of Satmar education. Period.

Things will not get better as long as those Jew haters continue to poison the minds of their young with propaganda and falsehoods .

All the way up! 📣 said...

ונהפוך ונהפוך ♪ונהפוך ונהפוך, ונהפוך הוא ♬ - אשר ישלטו "היהודים" המה! בשונאיהם

רב הונא אשכח 'תמרי דחנוניתא' כרכיה בסודרא, אתא רבה בריה אמר ליה קא מריחני מינך ריחא דחנוניתא

:תמרתא דחנוניתא

אם דל הוא said...

ו"הגבאים" מחזירים תדיר בכל יום, ונפרעים מן האדם. פירוש הרע"ב, "ה'גבאים" הם הייסורים שבא על אדם.. וד"ל

Kruler-Spin said...

The Spinker Rebbe conducted a brief and fragmentary correspondence with George V of the United Kingdom, who sent him a letter during his illness (circa 1929), and the rabbi responded to him and asked for support for his yeshivah, although he did not respond. The king sent another letter, but died before the letter of response was written, he also sent a greeting to the president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and He sent him a letter of thanks.

*Henry Shonberger, What Saved the King: an Account of the Miraculous Recovery of His Majesty King George V of England. Anglo-American Book Institution of America.

*Yeshivat Or HaTorah, Chiddushei Oraita: Or HaTorah. Brooklyn, Elul 5743, p. 17

Ezra the Kapo said...

Shragi, hasogas gvul!

J. Smith, Golders Green said...

Mr Shraga Stern has been linked to a letter that appeared in the Sunday Times bearing the signatures of 12 Charedi Jews saying Mr Corbyn had “bent over backwards” to help the Jewish people and saying the "anti-religious education policies being relentlessly pursued by Ofsted" was the "real current threat" to british Jewry.