Saturday, March 2, 2019

Mekubal Rabbi Menashe Amon Chases Dybbik Out Of A Body

Watch the attached video, in which a Mekubal wearing multiple pairs of Tzitzis and a Moroccan Rabbinic-type hat, is joined by a group of individuals, as they chase a “Dibbuk” of out a body.
The Mekubal’s name is Rabbi Menashe Amon, and he appears to have been involved with several previous “Dibbuk” incidents.
In the beginning of the video, a young man who appears to be in a troubled mental state is seen sitting in a chair, surrounded by the group who are reciting Pesukim from Tehillim [Yoshev B’seiser]. The Mekubal places his finger in a circular motion on the young man’s stomach.
Suddenly, (at 35 seconds into the attached video) he begins screaming and jerking violently as if he was having a seizure and appears to be sleeping. At 1 minute and 50 seconds into this event, the Mekubal begins clapping his hands wildly, and seems to wake up the sleeping young man, who again begins jerking wildly. The Mekubal helps the young man to the floor, where he appears to relax.
AT 3 minutes and 20 seconds the group then begins shouting “Tzai! Tzai! (Go out! Go out!)”, as they stamp their feet on the floor. The man begins rolling over and over as they begin reciting “Ana Bekoach”.
At 4 minutes and 30 seconds the man begins making tumblesauces and rolls over on the floor.
They recite some other Tefillos, and suddenly at 7 minutes the Mekubal suddenly announces “he is fine”.
Later in the video (14 minutes), the Mekubal is seen talking to the woman who is filming the event. “Don’t call an ambulance, he will be fine in two minutes”, the Mekubal is heard saying.
The man began exhibiting seizure-like symptoms once again, at which point the Mekubal gently rubbed the man’s stomach, while another man puts water on his face.
The woman is heard saying she is hopeful that the man will be OK after suffering for “four years” from the “Ruach Ra’ah” (evil spirit). She adds that the “Tazddik” never takes even one Shekel for doing his holy work.

Here is Rabbi Menashe Amon in 2014 with another “Dibuk”.


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