Monday, March 18, 2019

Curruption In The Israel Chevrah Kadisha 5 Top Guys With "Big Beards & Kapotas" From Jerusalem Arrested

This is a
story,that is just astounding  
Since selling selling cemetery plots in Israel became a big business ..... Corruption inevitably seeps in ...

???What do they do

They go around the popular cemeteries such
 as Har Hamnuchot and see where infants have been buried and then resell the same exact spot to the gullible Americans, who want to live the great life in Chutz Le'aaretz but when they drop dead they want to be buried in the Zionist State 
......of Israel

After these Americans croak, the Chevra
 Kadisha gangsters bury him in the previously 
occupied grave ...
They choose graves of infants, since most people don't visit these graves often

Watch the above video where a mother of a deceased child is looking for her child's missing grave  and finds another one in its place ...

This week a bunch of Chareidie Chevrah Kadisha guys were arrested for selling occupied  graves for the tune up to 90,000.00 shekalim
מי כעמך ישראל

Jerusalem district police investigators arrested five suspects who work in a burial arrangements company on suspicion of damaging and moving children’s graves from the 1970s to create and trade new burial plots. Two suspects of the religious council were arrested in a city near Jerusalem on suspicion of trafficking and wholesale sale of illegal burial plots.
Police investigations in the police fraud department began an investigation following complaints and reports, in which there was a suspicion that the graves in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem, were suspected of being damaged and moved. This led to suspicions of wholesale trade in burial plots in Beit Shemesh for foreign residents.
In the course of the police investigation conducted in the Fraud Unit, the investigators collected evidence against 5 suspects, including senior company officials and contractors. In addition, the investigators conducted a variety of investigations into the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem, Har Menuchos, as over the past year, aerial mapping shows changes to the “New Daled Section”, which is children’s graves from the 1970s.
The investigation also revealed that the suspects removed the gravestones from their place, and through the contractors worked to raise the level of the ground, by pouring concrete for the purpose of creating new burial plots (over 9 existing graves), which were allegedly sold for NIS 100,000 each, to foreign residents.
The five suspects were brought for questioning by the police on suspicion of fraud under aggravated circumstances, violations of the Jewish Religious Services Law and trespassing in place of worship or burial.
During the police investigation conducted in the fraud department, the investigators collected evidence against two senior suspects, during which it was suspected that in 2018, dozens of burial plots were being sold to foreign residents at an estimated value of NIS 1 million, in violation of the Jewish religious services law.
The police investigation also raised the suspicion that the suspects intended to carry out another deal involving dozens for additional burial plots for foreign residents for similar sums.

Four of the suspects were arraigned on Sunday afternoon in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court.

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