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Day Yoimie Snippets ... Chullin Dafim 96,97, 98,99,100,101, & 102

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

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צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 

"דף צ''ו "ניקור גיד הנשה         
Page 96 Mesectas Chullin  
''Excising the Gid Hanasheh (Sciatic Nerve)"

On this daf the Talmud relates a story, that shows us the great fear the rabbis had anyone violating Torah prohibitions.

It happened that Bar Piyouli was standing before Shmuel and was excising the gid hanasheh ( One is prohibited to consume the gid hanasheh) from a piece of thigh meat.
He was cutting it flush off the surface, in accordance with the opinion of Reb Yehuda.

Shmuel said to him 
" Dig deeper into the meat,..... had I not witnessed this myself, you would have fed me something forbidden."

When Bar Piyouli heard that Shmuel was accusing him of feeding him that which was prohibited, he got frightened and the knife fell from his hand!

Shmuel to comfort him, said:
 " Do not fear, I am not accusing you of being ignorant or negligent, I understand that the one who taught you how to excise the gid hanasheh, taught you in accordance with the opinion of R Yehuda, that one can remove the part of the gid hanasheh that is Biblically prohibited, but the meat surrounding it, does not have to be removed."

However my opinion is in accordance with R' Meir that one has to remove the meat that is attached to the gid hanasheh as well, I therefore suggested that you "dig deeper."

DIN: I am paraphrasing the words of Shmuel!

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"דף צ''ז "מליחת גיד הנשה         
Page 97 Mesectas Chullin  
"Salting the Gid Hanasheh" 

 The Talmud on this daf relates: 
It happened that in the house of the Reish Gelusah (Leader of the Diaspora) in Bavel, they were about to "kasher" the thighs of a slaughtered animal, but they forgot to excise the gid hanasheh and went ahead and *salted the entire thigh with the gid hanasheh still embedded. 
*(One must salt meat to remove the blood which is prohibited).

The Talmud on this daf rules that the thigh remains kosher to eat (not the gid hanasheh, which must be removed) and we are not concerned that maybe some of the flavor of the gid hanasheh spread into the rest of the thigh! 

The Talmud compares the act of salting to the act of roasting.
Just like when one roasts, the blood is removed, and the gid hanasheh if still embedded, does not spread the flavor to other parts of the animal,
so too, salting removes the blood and it prevents the prohibited flavour of the  gid hanasheh to spread into the rest of the animal!

Cooking the thigh with the gid hanasheh , however, would render the entire thigh treif! 
Since cooking by its very nature spreads the flavors around!

"דף צ''ח "ביטול בשישים          
Page 98 Mesectas Chullin  
"Nullifying One Part of  a Prohibited Food with 60 Parts of Kosher Food  " 

If one cooks food that is prohibited together with kosher food, the contents of the entire pot is now treif, because we assume that the flavors of the prohibited food spread to the kosher food.

However, should the pot contain 60 parts of kosher food to one part of prohibited food .... the entire pot is kosher and one can eat it gezunterheit, and one should not be stringent! 

R' Nachman, however, on this daf rules if an egg from a prohibited bird got cooked with kosher food, the entire pot becomes treif ....

"דף צ''ט "טעם מצות גיד הנשה          
Page 99 Mesectas Chullin  
"The Reason the Torah Prohibited the Gid Hanesheh " 

The halacha is that if one eats prohibited food that is the size of an olive, on purpose, he has transgressed a Torah prohibition and his punishment is "Malkus" .... flogging! 

On what type of prohibited food do I need the Torah to be specific and tell us that  one who eats it, gets malkus?

Answer: Gid Hanasheh!

Why do I need the Torah to single out Gid Hanesheh?

The answer is:
 Since the Gid Hanasheh has no flavour, and we know that there is no punishment of flogging when one consumes a non kosher item that has no flavor, and there is no punishment if one consumes a non kosher item that people do not generally eat .....
for example: horns, hooves of non kosher animals ...,
I would assume that there is no punishment for consuming the Gid Hanessheh, therefore, I need the Torah to single out and specify that if one consumes the Gid Hanessheh, purposely, one transgressed a Torah prohibition and is liable to the punishment of malkus!

"דף ק' "מתי איסור גיד הנשה           
Page 100 Mesectas Chullin  
"When Does One Violate The Prohibition of Gid Hanesheh? " 

The Mishnah on this daf records a dispute among Tanaim in reference to the consumption of the Gid Hanasheh!

The Rabbis say that the prohibition of consuming the Gid Hanasheh applies only to a kosher animal; there is absolutely no prohibition consuming the Gid Hanasheh of an unkosher animal.

Reb Yehudah disagrees and offers a logical reason why the prohibition of consuming the  Gid Hanasheh applies to non kosher animals as well.

In Sefer Bereishis, the Torah relates the story where Yaakov wrestled with an angel, and the angel hit him on his thigh, causing the sciatic nerve, the Gid Hanessheh to move from its place. The Torah states over there:
על כן לא יאכלו בני ישראל את גיד הנשה
because of this incident,
 "the Jewish people are prohibited from eating the Gid Hanesheh."

R' Yehuda continues with his explanation:
And since at the time of Yaakov's meeting with the angel, the Jewish people were allowed to consume even non kosher animals, because this incident occurred way before the Torah was given at Sinai, it is therefore not a stretch to say that this prohibition would be applicable to non kosher animals as well.

The Rabbis are not convinced with R' Yehuda's explanation and respond as follows:

The prohibition not to eat the Gid Hanasheh was first mentioned at Har Sinai way after the Yaakov story....
But when Moshe Rabbeinu wrote the Torah, he placed this prohibition following the story of Yaakov's struggle with the angel .... to give us the reason why the Torah prohibited Gid Hanasheh  ..
Therefore it stands to reason that this prohibition applies only to kosher animals.

"דף ק''א "גזרת המלכות על יום הכיפורים            
Page 101 Mesectas Chullin  
"The Kings Evil Yom Kippur Decree " 

During the Talmud era, when the majority of the Jewish people lived in Bavel, the king decreed that the Jews were prohibited from celebrating Yom Kippur, and anyone found to disobey this decree would be put to death. 

Because of this decree, Jews did not fast on Yom Kippur because of פיקוח נפש ... which basically means that it is a far greater Mitzvah to live and desecrate the Yom Tov than to put one's life in danger....

פיקוח נפש overrides all prohibitions in the entire Torah except when it comes to the following three prohibitions:
Adultery, Avodah Zara,and  Murder

So what did the Jews in Baval do to commemorate Yom Kippur..?
The Rabbis that lived in Eretz Yisrael sent a ruling to the Jews of Bavel instructing them to celebrate Yom Kippur on the Shabbos closest to Yom Kippur....

The reasoning was:
Since one cannot halachically push Yom Kippur to another day, and the Rabbis were afraid that if the decree would continue for many years the entire concept of Yom Kippur would be forgotten   the Rabbis taught that it would be a good idea to celebrate Yom Kippur on the Shabbos closest....
and since the king didn't issue any decree against Shabbos,and the Jews were allowed to abstain from work, the king wouldn't realize that the Jews are actually keeping Yom Kippur halachois as well......

"דף ק''ב "אכילת מאכל אסור בשיעור כזית            
Page 102 Mesectas Chullin  
"Eating Prohibited Foods The Size Of An Olive" 

We mentioned above, that a person that eats prohibited foods that do not amount to the size of an average olive does not get the punishment of flogging!

If one eats a limb of a very thin, tiny bird.... and the entire flesh of the bird doesn't amount to an olive, but if you include the bird's bones and sinews there would be an amount equivalent to an olive .... the halacha is that he is liable for malkus!

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