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Day Yoimie Snippets ... Chullin 54, 55, 56,57,58, 59, & 60

Ladies ... here is an opportunity to test your husbands and see if he really goes to the daf....

This is a good opportunity for the entire family to share thoughts on the daf ... so that the family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.  
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... however this particular tractate is difficult ... so I'm trying my best...
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

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"דף נ''ד "רב       
Page 54  Mesectas Chullin  

On this daf, the Talmud relates that Resh Lakish and Reb Yochanan were sitting in the Bet Medrash and were discussing halachois in the name of Rav!

Who was Rav?

Rav was born in Baval and his actual name was Rav Abba bar Aiyvoh .... he was called "Rav" because he was the Rebbe of the entire Jewish people that lived in Galut!

R' Chiyah who was the distinct student of Reb Yehuda Ha'Nasie was Rav's uncle.
When R' Chiyah decided to make Aliyah, he took his nephew, Rav, with him and placed him in the Yeshivah of Reb Yehuda Ha'Nasie, where Rav thrived and became a great talmudic scholar. 

Rav decided to return to Baval, his birthplace, but not before he received "Smicha" from Reb Yehuda Ha'Nasie which gave him the license to Judge and to Teach.

After a couple years in Baval, Rav again returned to Eretz Yisroel to continue his studies with Reb Yehuda and after R' Yehuda's demise, Rav continued learning with Rav Gamliel Ha'Nasie the son of R' Yehuda. 
He then returned to Baval once more. 

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"דף נ''ה "השפעת הפחד על הבהמה       
Page 55 Mesectas Chullin  
"Causes of Fear in Animals That Will Render It Not Kosher" 
On this daf, the Talmud discusses the different defects in animals that can cause it to become "treif."
One of the interesting things we learn is how certain "feelings" can effect the physical well-being of animals ...

The rabbis state that if an animal feels fear or panic it can at times cause its lungs to deteriorate rendering it "treif."
But, as the Talmud points out, there are distinct differences and degrees of "fear."
If the animal's fear was caused by heaven, for example ... thunder ... this fear does not effect the physical health and the animal remains kosher. 
However, if humans or even other animals (according to R' Shimon ben Eliezer) caused this fear and panic, for example... the animal panicked as a result of the roar of a lion, then the animal is "treif."
And that is because this type of fear is far stronger and has a greater negative effect.

"דף נ''ו "מקרים שונים של טרפות       
Page 56 Mesectas Chullin  
"Different Cases Of Treifa" 
If we observe two animals goring each other, the halacha is we aren't really concerned that the animals will receive a wound that will render it "treifa," because that's what animals do ... 
However, if one of the animals fell as a result of being gored, then we should now be worried because there is room to suspect that maybe it sustained an internal wound that will render it "treifa."

If we observe a goose falling hitting the water .... we are concerned lest it received an internal wound making it "treifa."

So how do we determine its status?

We watch how it floats in the water, if it can swim upstream, we can safely say that the bird is ok...

"דף נ''ז "צומת הגידין       
Page 57 Mesectas Chullin  
A tendon ("gid"), is basically a strong fiber.
 If we look at an animal that was flayed, we will notice that the bones are surrounded by muscles ... the tendons are at the very end of the muscles and look like strong strings, which  connect to other parts of the animal.

When the Talmud states :צומת הגידין ...... or sinews, the talmud is referring to the area where many sinews gather together.

 A bird, has צומת הגידין located in the leg, and there are 16 sinews.

In an animal there are 3 sinews.

After we slaughter a bird or an animal, the butcher must examine these sinews to see if they weren't cut or torn which would of course render then "treifah.'

"דף נ''ח "בדיקה מתולעים       
Page 58 Mesectas Chullin  
"Examining Veggies for Worms" 
Where do we get the halacha that we must examine vegetables to see if they are infested with worms or insects?

How do we even know that we must examine food to see that they are free of insects before consuming them?

The Rashbah (R' Shlomo ben Aderet) a Rishon, states that examining food before consuming them is a well known custom amongst the Jewish people... (he lived over 750 years ago). He states that any food item that has rumors that it may be infested, must be examined before eating or drinking them.

Where in the Talmud do we see that we are prohibited to eat food items that are known to be infested with worms or insects, even if we examined them and find them free of worms?

On our very own daf, the Talmud states that dates from a certain town cannot be eaten because those dates were known to be infested.

"דף נ''ט "שמואל       
Page 59 Mesectas Chullin  

Rav (mentioned above) and Shmuel were leaders, both in Torah and Scholarship in the Galut!

Shmuel, besides being a great Talmud Chacham, was an expert in the fields of astronomy and medicine.

Because of his expertise in astronomy he managed to establish a calendar. This was essential for people living in Bavel since  there were times that agents of the Israeli Bais Din couldn't reach Bavel in time to inform them when it was Rosh Chodash

As an expert in medicine he healed R' Yehudah Ha'Nasie who suffered from various ailments.(Since R' Yehuda lived in Israel, it must be, that Shmuel must have visited with him).

Shmuel as mentioned was a great Torah scholar and was from the Gedoilei Hador....
On this daf, the Talmud relates that his colleague, Rav, would quote a verse from Sefer Daniel, which he felt described Shmuel.
''כל רז לא אנס לך''
"There aren't any secrets (in the Torah) that are hidden from you."
In other words, Rav was stating that Shmuel was fluent and familiar with the entire Torah! No small compliment!

"דף ס' "איך גדלו הצמחים       
Page 60 Mesectas Chullin  
"How Did All Plants Grow At Creation? " 
The Torah in Parshas Bereishes states:

וכל שיח השדה טרם יהיה בארץ,וכל עשב בשדה טרם יצמח, כי לא המטיר ה' אלקים על הארץ, ואדם אין לעבוד את האדמה

"All trees of the fields were not yet on the earth, and all herbs of the fields had not sprouted yet, for Hashem hadn't sent rain upon the earth and there wasn't man to work the soil" 

What exactly happened?

On day three, on Tuesday, the Torah states that all plants were created .... yet later when the Torah summarizes creation, the Torah states that "nothing grew" on Tuesday, since man wasn't created until Friday?

so which is it..? Tuesday or Friday?

The Talmud on this daf explains that it's true that Hashem created all plants on Tuesday ..... yes....
But they were basically in the ground and weren't sprouting ...
until Friday when Hashem created Adam and he prayed for rain so that the plants could sprout and grow..

From here we learn that Hashem loves to hear our prayers ....

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