Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Watch An Amazing Battle Between Kellyanne Conway and CNN Fake News Jim Acosta

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Anonymous said...

This is all about Russian mob, the big guys that peddle drugs, human traffic, weapons and used atomic fuel. Trump and the rest are just useful idiots at this point.

McConnell has received the most Russian money, and it goes on down from there. Lindsay Graham ever wonder why he seems so crazy and emotional? He got a bunch of Russian money too. The Russian mob has been in cahoots with #45 for decades. All those "Trump towers" all over the world are not only safe harbors for people to stay, but also a way to launder money throughout the world. Funny thing is, Putin isn't even the top of this game. The whole Republican party has received Russian money in some sort of way, some more than others. McConnell got millions. just think about that and his wife's family owns big ships? ever wonder where our drugs come from? why do you think DT keeps harping on this stupid wall and the southern border and how it is a big drug industry? He is using it as a distraction. In fact the reason he won't pull out of Afghanistan is because we have troops protecting the poppy fields over there. America is the biggest drug cartel, most of our opium comes from Afghanistan. how does it get here? by ship? yep. it is a huge web weaved out of deceit.

McConnell's "Senate Leadership PAC" received $2.5 million from the Russian oligarch Leonard Blavatnik. Rubio got $1.5 million, Scott Walker $1.1 million, Lindsey Graham $800,000. John Kasich and John McCain got $250k and $200k each.