Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Egypt May Solve Its Shidduch Crises With Polygamy

What? Are they totally wrong? 
(i'm talking about Goyim, of course, even though in Judaism bigamy or polygamy is prohibited only by the "cherem Rabbeinu Gershom")

There could be an argument that most women would like to have children in their lives, the solution in the west is for them to sleep around and be single mothers, which is not good for anyone, or they just grow old alone and gather a bunch of cats as surrogates. 

Allowing multiple wives maybe a more moral way for dealing with this issue, it's not for everyone obviously, but for some people it seems like a solution!

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports on a debate about polygamy that aired on December 23, 2018, on Al-Rahma TV (Egypt), where pro-polygamy activist Saber Ghanem said Egypt has a “ticking time bomb” of 11 million women who are past the age of marriage.

He explained that everyone, including these women, have natural needs and urges that need to be satisfied, and that some men have particularly powerful sexual urges, and he argued that polygamy addresses this problem.

He also said that while the first wife is most important, a man can marry another wife if his first wife falls ill.

Islam Amer, the Head of the Marriage Officials Union, said that polygamy is the solution to Egypt’s "spinster crisis."


Anonymous said...

It would perhaps be a solution and acceptable for some women, who might otherwise remain single and 'surplus to requirements'. However, despite apologetics of orthodox rabbis, it merely emphasises the fact that there can never be true equality in Jewish law between the sexes. The wife/woman is always subservient to the husband/man. He's allowed additional wives if needed for procreation purposes or whatever, but she can only be married to one husband, and 'he shall rule over her.'

Anonymous said...

Michael Steinhardt advocates the same thing... but no surprise there, given his record on his interest in multiple women.

Can only wonder why Steinhardt, the self-acclaimed atheist,doesn't rather say-- let the Jewish girls go to sperm banks. Or if the concern is that the Jewish girls will stay single and be lonely -- let the Jewish girls marry out... afterall, the kids are still Jewish.